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    Episode 283 β€” The 5th Anniversary Show!

    Talking about previous engineers, does anyone know what happened to Engineer Doug? I've never been able to Google my way to an answer as to why he left.
  2. KasperNielsen

    Episode 51 β€” What’s Up With Earwolf?

    This was really interesting. Only bad part was Jeff being way too self-deprecating. I'd love to hear more episodes like this one.
  3. KasperNielsen

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    Great episode, but listening to them talking about metal was jarring. Especially when the Mayhem stuff (killings within the band, etc.) was mentioned as being goth. Haven't finished the current season of Franklin & Bash yet, so I'm sad to hear that Kumail will no longer be on the show if it gets another season.