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  1. Rawhead Rex - cheesy movie that scared me the most as a kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwUgkOH4LYc Any of the Conan movies Any of the two Corrys movies (Feldman & Haim)
  2. Isgrimner

    Rawhead Rex (1986)

    I remember seeing this "horror" film in the 80s when I was about 12 and thinking it was one of the scariest movies ever. Looking at it now, I realize my 12 year old self was an idiot. Trailers [media=''] [/media] Second trailer Full movie http://youtu.be/BwUgkOH4LYc
  3. Isgrimner

    Conan the Barbarian

    I'm only about 10 minutes in on the Jason Mamoa, or as I like to think of him, Kal Drogo, version and all I can think of so far is this is definitely HDTGM material. I had no idea Ron Pearlman was in this so bonus. Some how they got Morgan Freeman or a great MF sound alike to narrate,. And the opening set up scene has a naked chick get sacrificed, so Jason is going to be stoked right off the bat. I'm going to continue watching now, but sure I'll be thinking of the comments you guys would make.