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    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    We try to play it cool for one week after you cracked our code and you go off the air?! Are you guys trying to free up your schedules to build in more time for dating people like us and Steve's sister? It was a great run and we look forward to sending sexy boudoir pics to the new show's thread! Hate to see you go but love to see you walk away. Friendly X's, O's, and lingering hugs, Dee & Sarah
  2. JUSTfriends

    Episode 37 — Huge Dymanic Power Couple

    Hey Hayes and Sean! We're two chilled out best lady friends who are huge fans of the show! We totally love you guys but respect that you're both in committed relationships so we want to clear up RIGHT OFF THE BAT that we get that, respect that, and want to be just (best?) friends! Now that we're all acquainted, you have got to check out Tough Love on VH1. It's an excellent matchmaker show that is going coed for the first time with this new season. We think you will find it to be a tasty treat! And maybe help you in your relationships...which we totally support and don't want to see end so we can date you. A real freebie is that in the past few weeks the host, Steve Ward, was exposed for promising a girl a spot on the show in exchange for sex --and then didn't get her on the show. In our opinion, this puts him in the ranks of the Amazing Race joke of a host. http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/08/vh1-tough-love-steve-ward-secret-audio-recording-sex-for-stardom-cast-call-girl-reality-show-exchange-sex/ . Your pals, Dee and Sarah