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  1. any y'all think my username is funny
  2. im gonna post a lot on the forums now

    Episode 10 - Nate Silver: Poll Whisperer

    nate silver is a coward
  4. remember mike the janitor from the other show

    Episode 177 - How Do You Say Goodbye?

    Gonna miss these guys. Keep us updated about your future projects!
  6. I was wondering why this thread had so many posts already and I'm glad to see its for a really good reason

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    Very good episode. Will and Jess were very funny
  8. so fuckin stoked for that hamilton fan podcast they played a promo for at the end of this!! for me, hearing rich people jerk off about a terrible musical that is prohibitively expensive to see is something i really want to listen to, and this is the good rap music where they sing about values and how america is good
  9. This was a very good episode and I'm glad you guys did an opening segment again and not just a guest the whole time, but the guest was good too. Thank's.
  10. Someone on the show (bunch of white guys can't tell their voices apart) said Pizzazz has pink hair, she does not, she has green hair or sometimes dirty blonde but usually green. Dumb fucking idiot

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    lmao what the fuck is this
  12. Don't think Karen should make fun of the table at the Earwolf studios considering they literally don't have a table at Feral and have to sit on stools