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    In Voorhees We Trust With Gourley and Rust

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  2. dorrk

    In Voorhees We Trust With Gourley and Rust

    Is there any news about a follow-up to the (hopefully) first season of this show? I've been anticipating watching the entire Halloween series for the first time along with Gourley and Rust, and if they're going to do it this year, they would need to be starting around now to have it end near Oct. 31. I just heard Rust on the Movies that Made Me podcast, and was disappointed that there was no announcement.
  3. dorrk

    In Voorhees We Trust With Gourley and Rust

    Is there no separate board yet for this show? I really think Matt and Paul are being too literal about how they are thinking about the Jason age timeline. These movies operate in the realm of myth and metaphor; you have to think of Crystal Lake as a kind of giant amniotic sac. When Jason "drowns" he does not die insomuch as he is sucked back into his mother's womb, perhap due to the power of her grief. This is how he is able to speak through her. And maybe it's why she didn't attempt to rescue him when he was drowning; he was re-entering her, becoming one with her, reforming the fetus-mother bond. It's hard to move when that's happening.. Then, when she is killed (which he witnesses psychically in utero), he is, by necessity, reborn -- at the same age at which he's been gestating within her womb for 22 years. Once out in the world again -- his attack on Alice is his birth; it's a fact that most babies are born in "attack mode," but they're so small we hardly notice, and women rarely give birth in canoes -- his delayed growth is accelerated, and we see him at various stages of adolescence and early adulthood throughout the series. I hope this clears things up. BTW, I subscribed to premium solely for this show. Enjoy my F13 GIFs. I made one of Bacon's gluteal crease just for Paul.
  4. To me the most interesting phenomenon of this show is that, while this latest ep has inspired me to revisit Billy Joel's early catalog, it has in no way whatsoever compelled me to revisit U2's post-Zooropa material. I checked out on them after my disappointment with Pop, which I saw live, and everything since then has bored me. I do believe Scott and Scott have been far too kind to all of their later albums, severely diluting the value of the term "great song." But thanks for piquing my Billy Joel resurgence. Maybe I'll go back to Huey Lewis next (my first concert was HL & the News with Bruce Hornsby opening!). But not U2.
  5. Weird. I have a half-memory of them having convened an emergency episode to see it in the movie theater, and also seem to recall Mantzoukas marvelling over Al Pacino's presence in such a film. I must be conflating it with something else. Now, I feel obliged to admit, that my interest in finding this non-existent episode is spurred by having watched the movie two nights ago. I surprised myself by not only laughing easily 10+ times during the movie, but also finding the movie sort of sweet. I conclude that the badness of "Jack & Jill" is overrated.
  6. I could've sworn that a while back HDTGM did a show about Adam Sandler's "Jack & Jill," with June declaring that she liked the Jill character. However, I cannot find it in the podcast feed, or on this message board. Did I concoct this vision in an absinthe-fueled nightmare, or did it really happen? Disturbed, Dorrk.