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  1. Gotta say, while Ian gave a really good talk, this made Ptolemy Slocum (who I've heard is a good improviser) look dreadfully inept. I think there probably are arguments against some things that Ian said but Ptolemy came across like he had no idea what he was doing. It's not like he had to turn up and respond, or even like he didn't have 45 minutes to put together his thoughts. Yet when asked for any clarification at all he gave some of the vaguest answers imaginable. I couldn't imagine a worse advertisement for Nerdist's improv school. Not really at all. There are some funny moments but none of it is played as comedy, and in fact backs away from many implicit comedic statements. It's still a very good talk though.
  2. I love the fact that Eban committed to playing the theme from John Carpenter's "The Fog" everytime the salt water tuffy kids came up, just because he did it once.
  3. liebot

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    They're greater than Moby Dick and Gravity's Rainbow combined and say a lot about humanity (in particular, how it would interact with a space-vampire).
  4. liebot

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    Omission; Nobody talked about the Choose Your Own Adventure books about space vampires which clearly inspired this movie. I own both and they are the best books I've ever read. The covers are also great too, particularly how the first artist seemed to have forgotten the fact that the sun kills vampires. If anyone wants to go through either book, pick one and I'll give very condensed descriptions of each page for you to choose the next path
  5. liebot

    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    I don't know if there's been a funnier moment in a HDTGM film than when Dr. Lido Moray explained that he stopped being a priest...pretty much to shoot people. Also, is "Lido Moray" supposed to be an anagram?
  6. liebot

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I am beginning the forum's rage at the lack of remix theme.
  7. liebot

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    This god damn movie was garbage. Why do the trucks keep "roaring"? Why does the film treat their windscreens like "eyes"? How weird is it to hear Liza Simpson every couple minutes? ACDC suck This movie is fucking boring Whoever said this is good; defend yourself.
  8. liebot

    Why did they change the theme song?

    Oh I get it, because racism right?
  9. Joe Rogan is an anthropomorphised pile of human garbage, spewing semi-coherent trash at all times.
  10. liebot

    Episode 116.5 - Minisode 116.5

    Really? Because I think they explained it very clearly; The thing that makes this so helpful and expositionary, for me, is how the grammatical frame of reference changes multiple times from past to future to past tense. This did not at all come across like the ramblings of a hobo becoming unstuck in time. I also feel that adding literal bullet points to an opening crawl is very useful, because that's how I like to imagine opening narrations; as a shopping list.
  11. liebot

    Is the show actually in danger of being cancelled?

    It's interesting, because really podcast shows can get cancelled at any time, like how life can get cancelled for people. Without warning. And it's very sad. But no, I don't think it would make sense, and I mean dollars and cents, to cancel the Hollywood Handbook.
  12. liebot


    Obviously everyone here is talking about the app Howl, which is the Netflix of podcasting. But Howl is really the app for show like Comedy Bang Bang and the WTF show. I want to know, will WolfCool be releasing its own podcasting app any time soon? If so, will it be exclusively for Android and will it be named "Owl"? Scott, can you speak on this? If not, could you get Sean/Hayes to help...
  13. liebot

    Episode 116.5 - Minisode 116.5

    I just started watching this, and have had to restart it 3 times within the first minute when realising that I didn't understand the open narration. If it happens again, I'm going in without trying. edit: oh boyyyyyy
  14. liebot

    Ass Backwards

    Guys, I'm starting a podcast about bad HDTGM recommendations. I'd really like you to come on the show Effigy and talk about your experiences with this thread. Good posters should be able to laugh at themselves and I've always enjoyed listening to earwolf forum members talk about the posts that didn't go so well. Regardless, it would seem kind of hypocritical for you to be okay with making a terrible recommendation to a show talking about bad movies and then spend 2 full pages defending yourself; not being able to handle criticism of your own post.
  15. You see, because Auk' is homophonic with Gauc'
  16. liebot

    EPISODE 114.5 β€” Minisode 114.5

    Did anyone else think that every single scene with Anthony Weiner was...weird? Not just because, hey Anthony Weiner is in this but there's something just really off about it, even compared to any other scene in NASA (like with that glasses-dude). The lighting was completely different for one. The acting and mood on those tiny scenes are really tonally different. There's a complete lack of tongue in cheek drama and it's replaced with heightened ACTING. It's a weird thing to pick out but I mean that baby scene at the end...I dont even know how to begin that conversation. So I just wanna focus on how weird this was;
  17. liebot

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    This was great. Fart jokes and "Mr Gay" earn 5 stars alone.
  18. liebot

    EPISODE 112.5 β€” Minisode 112.5

    It certainly portrayed accurately the inevitable downfall of most gang members; left belted on a light fixture dangling above a "human pile"
  19. liebot

    EPISODE 111.5 β€” Minisode 111.5

    This whole fucking "Advocate Bob" scene is the most egregious thing in the film and that really is saying something. It's making me angry trying to explain why this scene is so terrible. So much of this movie is setup without payoff. -Why did her dad get killed? -Why isn't everyone constantly laughing at the name "Jupiter Jones"? -Why did she use a fake name for selling her eggs? -Why does her cousin need a widescreen TV? -Why didn't she ever freak out at anything? -Why, if the original plan by everyone is to kill her, don't they just do that? -Why does everyone keep saying "she's the queen", yet she has seemingly no power -Why is there suddenly an elephant pilot called "Ganesh" -Why do we get a monologue from that space police captain woman about how brave Channing Tatum is? -Why does it end with her on earth pretending nothing ever happened? -WHY: TO EVERYTHING THAT SEAN BEAN DOES This is however one of the best terrible movies I've ever seen, it's genuinely worse than Sharknado or The Room in terms of writing and acting. Eddie Redmayne is bad, but if you've missed how genuinely terrible Mila Kunis is throughout go checkout her reaction to the bees scene. Or the "I love dogs" bit. Or anything.
  20. liebot

    EPISODE 111.5 β€” Minisode 111.5

    I am 39minutes in and, legitimately, nothing makes sense. Sean Bean just said "Bees don't lie"
  21. liebot

    A Thousand Words

    I've never seen this film, but this description alone has forced me to watch. How could this NOT get made... Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a literary agent who uses his 'gift of gab' to get various book deals, and he isn’t afraid to stretch the truth to get them. While he is trying to get a book deal from a New Age self-help guru named Dr. Sinja, the guru sees through his deceit and agrees to the deal, only to later deliver a five-page book. That night, a Bodhi Tree magically appears in his backyard. Dr. Sinja goes to Jack's house and they both discover that for every word that Jack says, a leaf will fall off of the tree. When the tree runs out of leaves, the tree will die, as will Jack. In time, he finds that even written words count towards his limit; plus anything that happens to the tree will also affect Jack. When Jack tries to cut it down with an axe, an axe wound appears on him. When squirrels climb the tree, it tickles him. When a gardener tries to poison it with DDT, Jack gets high on the fumes and when the gardener tries to water the tree, Jack starts to sweat/perspire profusely.
  22. liebot

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    You might be interested in doing some reading on Ξ”FosB and the biological mechanism of addiction. You may also want to look at the performance of abstinence in regulating human behaviour. Regardless, I'd encourage you to just go away. Harris recognised he had a problem, commited himself to rehab and ultimately died of an addiction. Everyone in this thread is missing him and nobody needs you and your Nancy Reagan derived, wildly misinformed, views on drug addiction.
  23. liebot

    EPISODE 103 β€” Zardoz

    I kinda need to hear June's opinion on this movie
  24. liebot

    EPISODE 333 β€” Pit Stop

    Maybe it's just me, but I like Comedy Bang! Bang! It's a humerous podcast with celebrity guests and crazy characters. I particularly enjoy several recurring performers and the established backstories they bring to their episodes.