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  1. xJxVx

    EPISODE 143 β€” F#$%ing Bird Cops

    The episode passes the test if: 1. The episode has more than one NPC in it. 2. The PCs talk to the NPCs. 3. About something other than killing them.
  2. xJxVx

    Yknow if we really wanted to show nerd power

    I wish Gerry and Brian would make the first campaign a comic series.
  3. xJxVx

    Episode 91...Without the Ums and Ahs

    I feel like this is nitpicky and mean. HOWEVER, if you're that into editing the episodes, could you do some "actual play" edits of the whole series? I would like to relive the story, but without all the asides.
  4. xJxVx

    Thanks for the inspiration Nerd Poker

    I started playing D&D because of Nerd Poker. Thank you!
  5. xJxVx

    Episode 87 β€” TV Married

    Props to Brian's statement on San Diego Comic Con.
  6. xJxVx

    Episode 84 β€” Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    I like the direction this episode is taking us. More of the Roc stuff, plus the promise of a new land to explore and new adventures. It makes the past several episodes feel like a prologue to a bigger, more cohesive adventure to come. Also, I'm wondering if, since Gerry won't be around for a while, it wouldn't be better to part ways with Winter for a while. Maybe get a new regular on the show? A cleric of some kind? Also, you should switch to 5th edition! It's really cool, simple, and there's only, like, one other D&D podcast playing 5th right now (I see you, Pretend Wizards).
  7. xJxVx

    Episode 83 β€” Skeleton Mass

    I feel like even the players are getting tired of the fucking skeletons and lack of plot. Unrelated: they should consider switching to 5th edition. It looks pretty cool and seems like it'd be an easy conversion.
  8. xJxVx

    Questions for Sark

    What was the Old Necromancer's name? Thanks for an awesome Season One of Nerd Poker. No worries about the rushed ending; it's the journey that counts. My favorite parts were probably around the Sparklet days and some of the gas planet stuff. Thanks again. I started playing D&D because of you guys.
  9. xJxVx

    Episode 72 β€” Heading Down To Glinishmore

    1) I looooove Myst! I draw inspiration from it in my current D&D game at home. 2) I thought they were going to face off with the Old Man on the planet of dead people, but he got away. I don't suppose we'll see the end coming, whenever, if ever, it finally happens. Personally, I want to find out who this guy is; what's his story?
  10. xJxVx

    Episode 72 β€” Heading Down To Glinishmore

    While listening to this episode, I was certain that, traveling through the book, they'd traveled back in time to before Glinishmore was taken over. I was CONVINCED that they were going to run into a two-handed Richard the Rogue on the run from the authorities for stealing. I WAS SO SURE. Even though that doesn't seem to be the case, I applaud a return to the main quest. And they're now closer to the Old Man than ever before! That months-long detour of episodes in the mines paid off by actually furthering the story. Well played, Sark! Well played. Also, I just saw Under The Skin (It is SO great!) and I suspect Sark saw it, too, with the whole limp-skin-bag, soul-sucking pop thing. If not, Sark, see that shit. Great episode.
  11. xJxVx

    Episode 71 β€” Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    It was more of a Macetail thing. I know there's an object called a jade macetail that does the same thing, and since Sark described it as an ankylosaurus, I'm sure that's what it is.
  12. xJxVx

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    CritJuice has a pretty amazing and epic story which moves super fast and the characters are pretty fun (One character is a ridiculous bluff-making bunny-man). The one downside is that they don't have a good handle on their sound levels and they frequently mumble and then SHOUT, especially in the earlier episodes.
  13. Sarah's definitely the voice of reason and the moral compass here. She's exactly the type of character I'd be playing. I think Mildred's supposed to be chaotic good(?), but she's definitely a truly good character.
  14. xJxVx

    Knights of Badassdom

    Ugh, I've been dying to see that and Zero Charisma. They both come out on DVD soon, though.
  15. xJxVx

    Episode 59 β€” The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    Oh my god, so much derailment toward the end of the episode! Play the damn game! Hahaha, actually my D&D game last night was like this and I'm a little sore about it still. No one paying attention during other people's turns...
  16. xJxVx

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    I was thinking he might be, like, the angsty son of the Necromancer.
  17. xJxVx

    Questions for Sark

    Dearest Sark (and/or whoever's in charge of episodes), Christmas is Wednesday.... Can we have two episodes or an extra long episode, please? PLEASE don't take a week off. Same for the New Year. Thanks, Jordan
  18. xJxVx

    Episode 40 β€” Going Back To The Choppa

    I had forgotten about that! I'm assuming it would mean the end of Sir Richard. But I think it's convenient that the anniversary of the first episode is coming up soon and the party has met the one guy who seems to be controlling all the Collectors. Remember the Collectors don't have bodies; they're just robes. It seems they only exist due to this old man's powers. So, if our team defeats the old man, I assume all the Collectors' robes will fall, lifeless. It'd be a good time to wrap up this first, year-long "season," and provide opportunity for a new quest with either these same or completely new characters!
  19. xJxVx

    Episode 40 β€” Going Back To The Choppa

    Please do! I tried listening to some others and they just didn't have the excitement and charm of Nerd Poker.
  20. xJxVx

    Episode 40 β€” Going Back To The Choppa

    Good LORD, I wish there were toys. Also, I'm new here, but what's the feel among listeners; are we approaching the end of this Collector Quest? It seems that the Old Man is the Final Boss here and that he's using Collectors to steal souls to keep himself young. Kill him and The Collectors all die, right?