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    Episode 78 — Into the Woods 2: Deeper & Darker

    I believe that Winter has 3 hp to start and was knocked down to "Houg Level" after some smacking around. My only real plea is to implore Blaine to keep an eye on XP and give the crew a chance to level at earliest opportunity. I love low level PCs but mages are cripplingly frail, Houg is full on "bubble boy" and Jerry has doubled down by bringing a spare mage. When they reach 5-7 then the proverbial shit will get real, but at level 1 it is going to tax Blaine's capacity to come up with reasons why Houg is not being repeatedly turned into marmalade smears.
  2. ChrisHarp


    I realize that Blackie Green suffers from an advanced case of "Too Pretty to Think" but will someone please force him to give his familiar/companion/servitor/whatever thingy a proper name? Calling him Stargoyle is like inheriting a rare and valuable south american parrot and naming it "Bird." Seriously, Gleek would be a better name and Gleek is an hideously, unimaginably, abominably awful name. For the love of all that is good and decent in the world, please give your conduit to the Lovecraftian madness from beyond the stars a name with appropriate dignity. Also, please refrain from balancing biscuits on his nose. Nyarlathotep does not approve...
  3. ChrisHarp

    Episode 29 — Mystery of the Skeletal Chest Crawler

    I think that the D&D next playtest is shaping up nicely. It reminds me of pre-unearthed arcana 1st ed. Clean and keeping mechanics out of the way of a good story. If they are going to scrap 4th ed, which doesn't seem like a good fit, they could do worse...
  4. ChrisHarp

    Character Drawings

    Goliath are frequently represented as not having pupils, but I don't know that to be canon. Specific to Amarth I would say that the sketch is excellent, save perhaps that he might be better represented with a smaller... How to put this delicately, cranial displacement? The beard I like. Females have hair on their scalp, I think that is sufficient to make the case that the men don't need to have full on alopecia.
  5. ChrisHarp

    Episode 41 — Double Time

    I think that Sir Richard needs to be very VERY careful with his alignment. I am sure that Paladins fall from grace all the time, but most of them don't fall OVER when it happens...
  6. ChrisHarp


    Or maybe I am completely off base and he is in fact the God-King of his race who in his megalomania demands to be called THE stargoyle. Although if that were the case, there is a very real possibility that his combination of astrological genius and affected buffoonery is a result of his assessment that the party can be easily manipulated by such a simple ruse while he schemes to consume the whole of existence into his singularly. Or maybe I am paranoid and he is just a cute little space Rainman-like idiot savant. Either way, if I were Mildred and knew that he had consumed a portion of my soul, I would not trust him not to try to come back for the rest...
  7. ChrisHarp

    Other Celebrity Players?

    Here's an idea. Brian goes on Nerdist, promotes "Hollywood said No "for ten minutes, and then spends an hour haranguing Hardwick until he agrees to join the party permanently. Just a suggestion...
  8. ChrisHarp

    Episode 41 — Double Time

    No that was supposed to be Vin Diesel's drop in character. He was so discouraged that he changed his mind about playing. Now THAT would likely send Brian into a genocidal nerd-rage. I imagine a Tetsuo-like mass of psychic hate that requires the intervention of the National Guard. Personally, I would cry more for missing a shot at Patton or Hardwick joining...
  9. ChrisHarp

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    I was part of a group that did this regularly before starting for the night. The DM referred to it as "No shit, there we were"and he made everyone start their story by saying that mantra every time.