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  1. The Great Jizzard of '76

    The elephant in the room is that I have an elephant up my ass.

    Would it be wrong if we talked about the elephantitus in the room?
  2. Cross Colors and backwards clothes forever!
  3. Roar. Huh. Good god Y'all , what is it good for?
  4. So get to work and stop fucking around!
  5. I plan on speeding.
  6. Because I.P.'s are way better than Herpes.
  7. That's why they call me Little Jack Horner.
  8. He lived his life all balls out.
  9. The Great Jizzard of '76

    Nobody makes gravy like the coroner.

    Welcome to the Kentucky Coroner's Association.
  10. 30th anniversary of that being said to me!
  11. Auto correct made it a finger, which almost stayed because that is somehow funnier to me. B