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  1. The Great Jizzard of '76

    Not all horses make a great glue.

    But some of them do.
  2. Boys in the hood is a good movie.
  3. The Great Jizzard of '76

    The Incredible Edible Mr. Ed.

    Stay golden and crispy Ponyboy.
  4. The Great Jizzard of '76

    Five for fighting but Seven Mary three.

    Don't go down to the water's edge?
  5. That's why your baby looks so funny.
  6. If I were a rich man, I would buy myself a truck.
  7. Now I ain't gotta crush em so fast.
  8. I mean... Rocks don't grow on trees.
  9. Web Shooter.
  10. Plop plop. Fizz fizz. Oh what a relief it is.
  11. Even at funerals.
  12. Stay for the orgy.
  13. Damnit Jim!
  14. Also... You shouldn't fuck your pets.
  15. Please don't cry tonight.