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  1. JohnIraEdwards

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    AlSO, the whole power-down-the-world thing... okay so people have to go back to living without electricity... like how do the satellites control that? And wouldn't the satellites shut themselves down? But okay, let's give the benefit of the doubt, that somehow these amazing satellites are capable of shutting down energy in general... power grids, backup generators, solar, wind, and so on... JammerLea. I can help with at least this concept, as one of the classes I took in college was Physics 280 "Nuclear War, Weapons, and Arms". It's called an electromagnetic pulse effect, or EMP. One nuclear weapon launched in orbit over a country will send a very strong magnetic wave which will disrupt any electric circuit not protected. It would make anything electrical not work, including cars, blenders, electric guitars, etc. It is thing they put in the plotline of "The Day After", and it's usually what experts say will precede a massive nuclear strike by either country (even though the nuclear weapons themselves are shielded from this effect). :-)
  2. I agree with your statement.. And I'm the guy who proposed. Thing is, based on our mutual fandom of the show, I had already bought the airline tickets, AirBnB lodgings, transportation, show tickets, and the ring of course, and had it all planned out. That's when the New York proposal aired. Pretty much swore a great deal at that point. I thought of other proposal options, but after dropping a few grand on this thing, I could not think of anything better that would be as fun or memorable. My only hope was that Jason had challenged LA after the New York proposal. I contacted Paul early on, and he said that he did note he did NOT want this to become a "thing", but noted that he understood the romantic aspect. I tried to make it as quick as possible as you heard, but they called me on it, and it slowed the show a bit. So 24 Hour Pizza Party, I would like to formally apologize to you and everyone else who felt it slowed the show down. Again, it seemed like the best idea on the planet until that couple beat me to it, and they had a better right to the proposal based on the previous episode they were on. That being said, in terms of who gets divorced? it's GAME ON, New York couple!!
  3. JohnIraEdwards

    Roar (1981)

    You have a serious omission on your show. You have not done "Roar" yet. This movie is truly ridiculous. The behind the scenes info is mind blowing. A young 14 year old Melanie Griffith almost had her scalp ripped off by a mutha-effin-lion. For real. And it's on effing camera. And it's in-effin-sane. Tiffi Hedren got dinged by an out of control elephant, and delayed production for years to recover from her back injury. Plus about 100 other near maulings, etc. I'm a veterinarian who has worked with lions and leopards, and I was awestruck by what I saw on screen. And affected. Kazam was nothing compared to this movie. Trust me! :-) The only issue is besides buying a 15 dollar DVD on amazon, the only way to see it is to see it at an independent theater. It looks like it may be playing in LA on the 23rd ( http://drafthousefilms.com/film/roar ) but otherwise, no idea. Maybe you guys can get some kind of deal, now that your show is getting kinda famous and stuff.
  4. JohnIraEdwards

    Episode 41 — Double Time

    Yep. The party just forgot them in their lensing smashing frenzy?