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  1. Yea there is an error in the RSS feed so it fails to be parsed properly. Same thing happened to Spontaneanation's feed about 5 or so times. Usually from a non-breaking space being used in the episode title. I wonder if anyone at Earwolf even uses the RSS feeds with how often they break and the fact that Howl doesn't support them.
  2. Anyone else getting parser error on the RSS feed?
  3. Yea, mistakes happen but it is strange how often this same thing happens for Spontaneanation. Looking forward to listening tomorrow.
  4. Can you remove the non-breaking space from line 31 of the RSS feed again, it is causing parsers to fail again. Thanks.
  5. Can you remove the non-breaking space from the RSS feed at line 31. It is causing the feed to fail in RSS parsers.
  6. Jacquie

    Episode 329 — Too Much Tuna Tour

    Dr. Manhattan's schlong was blue because of Cherenkov radiation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherenkov_radiation
  7. Jacquie

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    I think the download URL is incorrect. It links to https://soundcloud.c...n-roy/downloads but it should be https://soundcloud.c...hn-roy/download (remove the s on the end).
  8. Jacquie

    Episode 178.5 — 5/2/14 TWO CHARTED 117

    I started sleeping with a t-shirt over my eyes in college because I couldn't afford drapes for the windows and I don't want something restrictive on me either. So don't worry Howard you're not the only one, and I still get shit for it too from everyone who finds out about it. T-shirt sleep mask solidarity! There are literally dozens of us!
  9. Jacquie

    Episode 78 — Viking Tennis

  10. Jacquie

    Episode 78 — Viking Tennis

    Yea the download link just goes to a file not found page
  11. When Brian Taylor comes back for Crank 3 I hope you ask him about my favorite line from Crank 1. It happens after Eve (Amy Smart) learns that her boyfriend is a psycho murderer and witnesses him shooting up a room full of people. Right after that last guy falls dead right in front of her, she steps over him and says "Oh shit... I forgot to take my birth control pills." I was laughing so hard at that line, it was so crazy. And the part where Jason Statham just chucks that taxi driver on the floor and yells "Al Qaeda!" and the yuppie people having lunch just start beating him. I loved getting the inside scoop on the movies but I do kind of wish you had talked more in detail about Crank 1 like you usually do because there was so much insanity in this one. Love the podcast.