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  1. Freja, I have a friend who grew up in Cumberland. Speak on that.
  2. RanRan, please don't threaten to beat up forum members. Just because Chanson is a skipper on a boat or something doesn't mean you can beat him up if he visits your city.
  3. dixon

    EPISODE 230.5 — 5/01/15 TWO CHARTED 169

    This is the perfect Friday afternoon podcast.
  4. Not letting anymore of you fuckers slip through the cracks.
  5. Congrats on the wedding, Sean. I sent you guys a present with your wedding photo on it, but shutterfly wouldn't let me include a note, so just know that it was from me, with love.
  6. SillyLilly, you should draw Joe's novel from last week's forum because I said I would make it into a graphic novel but then the weekend happened and I never got a chance to. Edit: Or ya, Jakal pooping.
  7. Don't listen to him, Jakal. It's just this bit Joe does about his girlfriend being Eve and him being Adam because he's so old because he's been on this forum for so long. It doesn't even really make sense since he's only had an account for like two years, but we usually just roll our eyes and chuckle to appease him.
  8. Just out of curiosity, do you understand that they're making fun of white people who claim to have very minuscule distant Native American heritage, but feel the need to constantly talk about it and claim to be culturally Native American without knowing anything about the culture? I mean if Sean had put on brown makeup and was wearing a headdress I could maybe understand your offense to the bit...
  9. Alex, what do you think of these Anfangers?
  10. I guess I'm making this graphic novel this weekend now...
  11. You'll always be #1 in my book, Fatty. A homeboy never forgets.
  12. I know Silly Lilly is now part of the star club and all, but don't you think we're getting a little carried away here? We don't want to inflate her ego too much, now, do we? I'm sure there are other forum members, maybe even ones who are also members of the elite star club, who knows, who might more deserve a spot on that board. All I'm saying is I now have photoshop on my work computer and are you really going to make me start using it for the forums?