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  1. Cody sounds like such a dweeb.
  2. Congratulations on that sweet, sweet star, Sillylillyquee. You deserved it. You're part of a special group of forumers who are much better than everyone else now.
  3. It's a thriving community.
  4. I heard it's run by a terrible, terrible person.
  5. That whole Family Matters conversation is amazing.
  6. SillyLillyQuee's drawing is almost at 50 likes, and while that's kind of my thing and they should step the fuck off, I guess it wouldn't be bad if more people liked it.
  7. Look, now you've got Chanson riled up again. How do you expect him to sleep tonight?
  8. Finally some goddamn respect around here
  9. Found some more of that laptop camera footage from Mary's place. Real disturbing shit.
  10. I'm glad everyone's been active on ChansonTalk.biz, the front page of the internet, where you go to report any Chanson Talk you've come across. Email any Chanson scoops you have to scoops@chansontalk.biz. ^ Definitely worth the $5.
  11. Also holy shit that sign off. I assume that's going on all Earwolf podcasts from now on?
  12. Now that Tim is dead and Andy's PPG theme isn't very informative, can someone please put Sam's impression of Sean explaining the PPG to some music?
  13. (I'm friends with a lot of cooks who also do the grocery shopping)
  14. They've got lists and knives. I'm scared.
  15. Have you ever wanted to like a comment on facebook, but realized that in doing so you would either have to provide your actual name to forum users, therefore also creating a lot of questions from your real-life friends about who these random people that you friended are, or create a whole new facebook account just for this persona and feel real creepy about it? Because that's the dilemma that this comment poses:
  16. Also, I grew up in MA and have never in my life heard of OSJL. Why didn't they have one in my wealthy suburb? You mean to tell me I could've gone to Tewksbury and gotten myself a pound of dry roasted peanuts for $2?
  17. FINALLY. Fucking shepherds are the cutest puppies.
  18. dixon

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    Whoa whoa whoa. New York is not part of New England. I feel like people from both areas would be offended by that.
  19. He looks like a good boy.
  20. Remember that time Freja adopted a fucking d yesterday and hasn't posted any pictures yet? Can we really trust her anymore?