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  1. Bruce, my [redacted] is currently watching House Hunters, and I'm not watching it because I'm a big strong man, and I just heard a couple say, "We prefer hardwood. Maybe some carpeting in the bedroom is OK." Just thought you should know where they stand.
  2. One of my coworkers made multiple Borat references today. He's a real Scott Anchorman and maybe jobs are overrated.
  3. What are we gonna do about Zayn, though?
  4. I liked this episode very much, but want to warn the boys not to let Cody have too much power and confidence. He seems like he could use being knocked down a few pegs.
  5. Had my first day at my new job today. They said I could come back tomorrow if I want, so I'd say it was a success.
  6. Here's your weekly reminder that the boys are on the cbb ads today. "My wife".
  7. dixon

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Here's mine Hayes. They asked me to be part of theirs, but I kinda figured they'd bring down the production quality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KS_Y8X5gGA
  8. I would imagine as long as you have software that can record from each mic simultaneously on separate tracks you should be good to go. Depending on what your podcast will involve, you might also want 2 pairs of headphones so you and whoever else can listen to any sort of music/other audio you want without it being picked up by the mics.
  9. Val, I can't help but notice most of those things you'll do are real nice things for those people, like taking greggy on a trip or having sex with hurricane dennis. I gotta say, I'm real neutral on mine.
  10. You guys I caught this ep of Triple D (Dads, Dogs and Dongs) earlier, and thought everyone should enjoy this:
  11. All kisses no hugs? Sometime we just want to be held, kittens.
  12. My dad's d lived in what was then rural Massachusetts, so not so much a cowboy other than in this photo. He did fight in the pacific on this guy though which is pretty rockin.
  13. Can anyone remind me why I'm the admin for a facebook group about puggles with over 2,200 members?
  14. Joe, can you add a section to your guide on how to read a room, cuz it seems like it might be useful to some people.
  15. Shout out from Sean on today's cbb ads
  16. Spunky, approximately how much of your wardrobe would you say is made from the hair of your dogs? Also, I had a dream with Hurricane Dennis in it, except he was more blonde.
  17. I spent about 10 minutes putting together a mashup of eve in eden, but after finding myself googling "naked black woman" I decided I should just go with the lyrics instead.
  18. From her own mouth, if anyone needs to know how to treat Eve: I like it when he stay and play his part Ain't scared to put a slug through a n----'s heart Takes the best of both worlds don't discriminate East coast, West Coast I don't playa hate Platinum daytan on the 6-4 regulator Big trucks in the hood, black Navigator If you icy with the price, bring me that ring pa Might entice me to play nicely and come and get'cha You got a wifey, tell her nicely I'm in the picture Cause I ain't gon struggle for long and try to get'cha
  19. Are you a black bear? Cuz if not...oof.
  20. Protip: Click the "image" button in the comment box, and paste the image's url.
  21. Well, they're all God, Zsinjeh. The Hayes, the Sean and the Holy Greggy, one God in three persons, according to the central mystery of Hollywood Handbook.
  22. No need to be modest, Greggy. We all know the dynamics here.
  23. Yes, I consider those all overtly sincere.
  24. Numbers aren't everything guys. Gotta keep this shit tight. Jokes, animal mashemups, overt sincerity or bust.