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  1. Irish forumers, show us your green beer please.
  2. Because Picasso sound like he saying you're picking at your butt.
  3. You guys Last Man On Earth is pretty good, and is a great complement to spaghetti and meatballs.
  4. Balls almost ready to be thrown into the s'getti sauce.
  5. I'm making spaghetti and meatballs. Will report back.
  6. Welcome to the Big Boys' Club.
  7. What meal was that for, kittens?
  8. Man, I've really missed a lot this evening. Everyone is on a roll. Keep going.
  9. Joe this has gone on long enough.
  10. WHOA WHOA WHOA are you taking shots at my DEAD dog? HE WAS A GOOD BOY. EHHHHWRONG actually NOT dumb and actually REAL smart and now dead.
  11. Black Messiah day and night
  12. you da pretzel man this is beautiful ^
  13. Ya, I ended up using way too big of a pot for the amount of baking soda I used, I realized afterwards. Mine still came out yummy, but not quite as pretzely as I had hoped. Next time ima make it rain baking soda.
  14. Thank god you're ok. When you didn't come back I assumed you forgot to put the car in park when you were kneading your dough.
  15. Also I bet Hayes was picturing like a raised tub that also has a shower coming out of it, kind of like which does seem a little cheap hotel like
  16. Only when we made him. Yes, life was hard for me and Ben.
  17. His name was Ben and he was a good boy
  18. My dog died when I was 11. Thanks for reminding me.
  19. All the new people are still Joe
  20. Last one to make Greggy's pretzels is a big fat loser