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  1. Also congrats Tim on no longer being a total nobody. Must feel nice.
  2. Making us all picture Hayes's and Brett's hairless smoothies
  3. Hope Harris is getting a BJ on the floor of the movie theater in heaven as I type this.
  4. Goddamn Scotty's intro to today's CBB...
  5. Or this weird one. Photoshop getting creepy:
  6. http://www.fart-sounds.net/fartboard.swf
  7. Damn. Sorry to bring the forum down, but RIP Harris.
  8. Guys isn't it great that we all have live pets that we cuddle with and show us affection?
  9. Tommy the Clown lead the way in the stirring dance movement called β€œClowning” and β€œKrumping”. He also developed this form of dance in response to the 1992 Rodney King riots. He is now internationally known as the "Father of Krumping".
  10. Bozos I think she's heard of LL Bean.
  11. Listen buddy, if me and whoever that other random person that subscribes want to look at an empty Hollywood Handbook subreddit, we sure as hell will, and you can't stop us.
  12. Between this, CBB, and Kroll Show, loving all this Adomian going into my head.
  13. dixon

    EPISODE 220 β€” Make Love Like Gorillas

    Cody getting airtime on HH, so he thinks all the podcasts want his input. Getting really ballsy, Cody.
  14. There's too much to gif in this ep!
  15. Sorry, I should have been more clear.
  16. If you see someone dressed in a salt costume feel free to say hi. You'll know it's me because no one I'm with will be dressed as pepper.
  17. What is everyone thankful for this Mardi Gras?
  18. I hear they have a great cheese pizza