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  1. This one goes out to my good pal Anastasia
  2. The boys should learn better than to mess with Big Apron
  3. Great Harry's Razor ad. Probably my favorite part of the ep!
  4. Hey guys, THANK YOU for including Cody in the ads in response to everyone calling Brett a good improviser. Nice to put Brett in his place now and then.
  5. Is this the type of content you wish was more active in the forums again, Hayes?
  6. Imagine what the cashier must think of you, a man clearly holding a brick of cage-aged cheese but unwilling to admit it at any cost.
  7. The only people you need to care about are those of us who've gotten stars. You're worthless without a star.
  8. dixon

    I'm a brand new here at HH forums.

    Another pencil-themed forum member, huh? I've got my eye on you.
  9. Show us your ass, Dan Engler.
  10. I never signed a release to be in this ad. You hear me, Sean? You'll be hearing from my lawyer.
  11. Let's not be so harsh on this guy.
  12. You guys see this on facebook?
  13. It really is. After the first one you're riding high, in love with everyone. As soon as the second one comes, you're like "I could get used to this." Then the third ones rolls around, and you barely remember what it used to be like.
  14. Look guys, I'm no Paul Flaherty. I hired Tim and his coworkers to fix this, but they said the best they could do is make about half of the buttons randomly work on iphones. If anyone, it's Tim we should all be ganging up on, not me. ALSO it seems a whole lot of you are trying to get past my ads on the site with ad blocker. Don't make me block this for you ad blocking chumps. You guys don't know how much it costs to run an operation like this.
  15. Guys it seems the soundboard isn't working on mobile. I know a guy at Google who says he can fix this for me. Don't worry.
  16. Good news everyone! I finally pieced together all of your favorite sound clips from the show that you sent me, and made our very own official HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK SOUNDBOARD.