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  1. Hi Paul, first time long time. How does family affect getting famous?
  2. Morning, bros. I know you guys are just a bunch of doughy middle-aged men who don't know much about the whirl wide web, so I decided to snag http://www.hollywoodhandbook.website since that's the domain all the teens are using these days. Hope this helps you guys reach out to the younger demographic which you already know so much about and have the same interests.
  3. I think we could all take some acting tips from Sean -
  4. Just found this recent photo of Sean doing his traditional comedy routine
  5. Could use a little more U Talkin' Wedding Planning to Me? Also, there needs to be a little more talk about Scott's Smirnoff commercials in these eps.
  6. dixon

    Episode 173.5 — 3/28/14 TWO CHARTED 112

    Amazing cold open, guys!
  7. dixon

    Episode 148 — Young Randolph Mantooth

    "There's a new song by R. Kelly called I'm a Flirt." Kulap Noooooooooooooooooooo Also, I've made this list for the future: http://pastebin.com/sbTWFM4D