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  1. Sorry I haven't been around to post much lately. I've been in kind of a bad place ever since I heard about David. It's just crazy how much he influenced every aspect of my life, in a way no one else could really understand. I'm sure you're all obviously familiar with this classic picture of him that's been in all his obit articles: I think most people have just always taken the photo at face value, but if you look closely it's obviously been cropped. Here's the full, uncropped photo as it was originally taken: As some of you might know, David was a neighbor of mine, but always strayed away from the spotlight, never wanting to be seen in public. In fact I only knew about him living next door from the real estate transfers in the paper. Never heard a peep from the guy. One day I have a couple of my model friends over, splashing about in the pool, taking glam shots of each other. It's not until later that night, when I was uploading the pics to facebook that I noticed him. I'll never forget him.
  2. Hey dickweed, what tastes better than it smells?
  3. Oh that's funny, you must have been the first one to post that list. Oh wait. No. It's coming back to me. What have we here?
  4. Hmm there's something bothering me about all these lists of forum members but I can't quite figure out what it is... In the meantime I've collected this list of forumers who all have one thing in common.
  5. They say he has quite the enematic personality sorry
  6. You must not eat a lot of oysters as that is obviously not an oyster shell. What silvr's got there is a fossilized piece of hairy wood. You can find them in most candy shops usually near the jaw breakers and rock candy. The wood's been hardened and sweetened by nature over the centuries and makes for a great treat. You just kind of gnaw on and gum it like you would a really hard piece of fudge. It's not uncommon for old bugs to be stuck in there. You're just supposed to spit them out like sunflower seed shells.
  7. Hayes or Sean will generally post in the thread for the last week. http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/27248-episode-111-%e2%80%94-mike-obrien-our-close-friend/page__view__findpost__p__182210
  8. Sean snuggled further into Hayes’ side, trying to find a more comfortable position against his body. They had been laying there on the couch for what must have been hours, alone at last. This week’s guests, Agata, Gabe and July, had left with Cody in a hurry after the photos, quick to escape the daily Earwolf grind into the neon-lit LA night. The other hosts and staff had trickled out as well, followed by the custodians. It was just Sean and Hayes now, cuddling on the Earwolf couch. “It’s just, I know this is what was supposed to happen,” Sean continued. “We met, we dated for a few years, then it was time to marry, right? That’s what you do. But I guess I never really felt like I had a say. Like it was a discussion that I was allowed to be a part of, you know?” Hayes grunted his acknowledgement, eyes closed. He had never been a big supporter of Sean’s relationship with Grace. Sure she was a fine woman, a great one even, but was she right for Sean? Could she care for him like he had? Did she understand him like he did? Hayes put his hand on Sean’s thigh and gave it a squeeze. “What do you think?” Sean asked excitedly. “You haven’t said a word all evening. “Do you think Grace is the woman for me?” “Grace? Who’s she? You mean Steffi Graf, right?” Hayes spit out in a nervous chuckle, trying to avoid the question. Sean turned his head to look at Hayes’ face carefully. “Hayes, babe, I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. I’m just glad you’re here now.” “I wuv you,” Hayes whispered under his breath. The two podcast hosts closed their eyes, beginning to finally succumb to the exhaustion of the day. Podcasting is a draining work, especially with guests like theirs. As Sean began to snore his cute little snores, Hayes lifted his leg and turned off the lights, slouching down for the evening. In his slumber, Sean would eventually slide down Hayes’ body, resting his head on Hayes’ warm lap. The heat from Hayes’ crotch felt soothing to Sean, and he gave out a little sigh of bliss. It would only be a few hours before Sean was awoken in the middle of the night, not by any sound, but by something gently poking against his cheek. This would be a night they’d never forget…
  9. So this is what Agata sounds like!
  10. https://www.gofundme.com/GetSeanACasper
  11. Hi Scuzzman, it seems that Benjamin Netanyahu will be asking the United States for another $50 billion in aid for Israel over the next 10 years. Given Israel's human rights record and its government's general disdain for the US, what's the funniest jewish joke you know?
  12. Jeff you've been in the news recently due to your involvement in stopping a mugger on the streets of sunny LA. According to reports, you, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall were eating lunch on a restaurant's patio when a woman in a black and white striped shirt, black mask and hat stole the purse of a woman also eating at the restaurant and took off. You allegedly followed suit, with Larry yelling words of encouragement including "Get er Dunham." After finally catching the woman, you were caught on camera throwing several blows to her head with your fist. My question is: In this constantly connected world where everyone is able to take pictures and video with their phones, do you believe people should be more careful about what they do in public, especially when they are holding puppets?
  13. Hi Jeff, how close did you and Liam Neeson get on the set of The Nut Job? Do your best impression of him.
  14. You're all a bunch of copy cats.
  15. and people say newspapers are dead
  16. @agata please ban honlads, he's gone too far.