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  1. Man, tough time up on on the stand there, Carter. Think everything should work out though!
  2. #ILoveYouMore #NotPossible #YesPossible This show, you guys!
  3. "Are you alone?" is an awful suspicious question to ask someone as you walk into their house, blonde lady.
  4. "I know you like to grow stuff." Ya, we all know what you mean, possible love interest of a real stoner dude.
  5. This boy sure is taking his dad's death pretty hard! I mean a guest's a guest. Gotta treat em right.
  6. The dad has a real Tim-Allen-trying-to-be-serious-and-not-making-the-noises vibe to him
  7. These hot, young, virile men, am I right ladies?
  8. Who else thinks it's ironic that this guy's playing shoot-em-ups right after his dad got shot, right? I mean c'mon, that's weird!
  9. Greggy I hope you've also prepared some questions about the summer finale of Finding Carter for your hangout. It's gonna be hard to get these people to talk about anything else.
  10. You bought lard off etsy?
  11. Spunky I had a dream last night that Hurricane Dennis was my dog now and he had 4 legs and you could make him give a big smile.
  12. Hi Erin, what's your favorite race to pretend to be? Also, since I'm at the beach this weekend: I've never encountered a jellyfish in the wild. What's the best way to introduce yourself so you don't come off as weak, but also don't seem arrogant?
  13. Devscoots I think you and I have different meanings for "bottling it" with a chick, and yours sounds less fun.
  14. The smell was the first thing Officer Snort Gordly noticed as he entered the dimly lit room. He recognized the stench immediately. This was the third night in a row he'd have to come home to his wife and kids reeking of mouthwash. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, the form of a lifeless body came into view, seemingly tied down to a chair in the middle of the room. Snort approached the body cautiously, taking the whole scene in. He recognized the body immediately from the missing persons report, Spunky Foonerism, a local anti-gang activist and community leader. His head had been forced back against the chair, his mouth still full of mouthwash. The empty Listerine bottle lay on the floor next to him. "Yellow. Again. They couldn't even go with blue," Snort muttered to no one in particular. After a few minutes of studying the crime scene, something caught Snort's eye. Up until that point, the scene looked like an exact copy of the last two murders of anti-gang officials from earlier in the week. Snort pulled out a pair of tweezers from his crime scene kit, and reached them into Spunky's front pocket. "You got something?" yelled out the cop at the door guarding the crime scene. "Seems our buddies left us a note." Snort pulled out a crumpled white napkin from the dead man's pocket, and tried to make sense of the scribbled red letters. "The - Gargle - Boyz - are - back - in - town." "Who the fuck are the Gargle Boyz?"
  15. Honlads you could put literally anything in that video and my nostalgia would force me to like your post for that song alone. Skaters rule!
  16. At first I thought Bozo was blowin on Kimble's dong, but thanks for keepin this straight and not super gay like Veebs' story.
  17. Guys, I'm pretty sure all the funny stuff started after I began posting here, so if we can limit inside jokes to episode 60 and after that'd be great, thanks.
  18. So we're comparing our cities' heat and humidity now?