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    I like stuff and some things. Also ideas.
  1. You guys should do an unprecidented double feature episode celebrating my favorite example of tax fraud. Uwe Boll directed the Dungeon Seige movie but did you know he has written and directed dozens of other multi million dollar features? In fact, he has put out at least 3 movies a year since, including 2 dungeon siege sequals. This is of course all possible because Germany let's investors write off 100% of what they put into a film and Uwe can produce it whereever with whomever he choses. The two movies I would like to suggest are the 2011 classics, Auschwitz and Blubberella. One is a serious tale of Nazi cruelty, just super graphic and serious. The other, Bloberella is about a sassy fat vampire who hates Nazis. Both were made on the same set in 2011. Both are about equally unwatchable. I have not cringed this hard since I saw Curb Your Enthusiasm for the first time. It's like Max and Leo went to Hollywood. Everybody wins, except the public.