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  1. AnnieStone

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    I was hoping to meet a horse
  2. AnnieStone

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    I met a Thibault last Friday! (I think it was a different guy.)
  3. AnnieStone

    Episode 397 - My Silly Moss Man

    I came to see where everybody was on the Venn diagram of Weird Al fan + CBB fan, and I am not surprised to find that there are plenty of us in that middle section! Weird Al (he was Weird Al back then) was my first concert ever, and CBB (in both podcast and television form) is my favorite content-provider! Hooray!!!!
  4. AnnieStone

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I very much enjoyed Scott shitting on #reylo 'shippers with his description of the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey as that of "rapist and accuser." CO-SIGN
  5. AnnieStone

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    I actually did a fist-pump on my Bart train this morning when Scott did a shout-out to people of all stars and stripes! Thanks for not forgetting us!
  6. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Unwashed sperm costs about $600 per cc, so the cost of a load would really depend on the volume of jizz... (My wife and I are currently trying to get me pregnant, so I've got a lot of info on this topic...)
  7. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 363 — Wet Hot Crew

    I am super-sleep-deprived and I'm in the midst of a real existential shake-up currently but I swear I has a spiritual experience listening to CBB today. C+ episode! (But I need some closure about that baby! Someone please make an announcement when the baby comes?)
  8. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 357 — Modern Anti-Comedy

    Enjoyed the call-back to "Big ups to people of all stars and stripes!" As a person of a particular star /and/ stripe, I can't get enough ups!
  9. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 348 — Is Y'all My Daddy?

    I loved the I Was There Too reference from Gourley! As well as Stillwater's rejoinder that "We have nothing to gain by losing our heads" sounded "dumb". (And if you haven't yet listened to IWTT on Wolfpop, do it! So good!)
  10. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 347 — Foley Slumber Party

    I woke up this morning and laughed aloud again remembering the Slumber Party segment. I feel like the contrast between the main ep this week and this b-b-b-bonus episode really shows me a lot about what I value in comedy. The Tom Green episode was not for me. I don't have too much to say on that topic, but Tom Green is irreverent, and he likes to throw the energy into uncomfortable places. I get why people enjoy his comedy! (And I liked Road Trip.) It just wasn't for me! I really like how Kevin and Scott played with this sad-sack character Seth Morris specializes in, without being mean-spirited or stealing focus. I really enjoy feeling like they are having fun too. I hope Kevin Pollack comes back sooner than six years from now. And I am fully going to re-listen to that part again today!
  11. I legit cried during Melanie Lynskey's monologue when she said she had her first friend at 7, but that the friend wouldn't acknowledge her at school. I am constantly embarrassing myself listening to Earwolf podcasts in public. (I did laugh out loud when she explained her misunderstanding of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"! Which only made my crying outburst worse!)
  12. AnnieStone

    Episode 27 — A Cyberthug Take-Over!

    "Hey, Jerry, so, Joe's Apartment?" "Yeah." "Do you still hang with them roaches?"
  13. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    As I was listening to this episode this morning, the woman sitting next to me on the bus was so excited when I finally pulled the cord for my stop. Apparently, I appeared to be an "insane-o"??? (For the record, it was when Jason called the landing on the Strip "Las Vegas's 9/11" and then said that New York New York got the worst of it, and I both cackled aloud and slapped my thigh approvingly that she realized she had chosen the wrong seat...) (Also, for those following along, I quit my job, and I found a new job where I hope to enjoy HDTGM whilst I enjoy my work! Hooray!)
  14. AnnieStone

    EPISODE 3 - A Secret Society

    I laughed so hard at how angrily Pam said "Arigato" when the waiter explained that it was Virginia Woolf not Sylvia Plath who walked into the ocean with rocks in her pockets...