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  1. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    Terrible episode. Having a deity come along and open the rat cages was a pathetic cop out. Why not just have Bahumet kill the old guy? A good DM would have created a situation where the PCs could have gotten themselves out with a little thought.
  2. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Brian might be good at role playing Damien but his complete lack of understanding of the basic rules for magic users and his inability to learn them after being told numerous times is not entertaining, which IS the main point of this show. Posehn is both the worst player and least entertaining member of the cast. And his appearance on Community sucked.
  3. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    If any of the characters have to die I hope it's Damien. Brian clearly has no idea how to play a magic user/priest character and his constant ignorance (and Sark having to correct him/explain things to him) slows the game to a crawl.
  4. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Favorite D&D campaign setting?

    Number of poll options was limited.
  5. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Favorite D&D campaign setting?

    Easy choice for me: Dragonlance. I was hooked the minute I read The Legend of Huma.
  6. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    They probably DID have an avenue of escape, they could have gone down the same tunnels as the rat men instead of into the garage. Why wouldn't you take the same escape route as the people who are (presumably) educated in what to do during an emergency?
  7. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    I can see why characters in Sarks games die all the time. They level up once a year and they frequently forget what items/equipment they had. Underpowered characters plus sloppy play=death
  8. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Yea no kidding. It would have been the perfect time to do it right before they entered the tunnels.
  9. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 64 — LED Hula Hoops

    So assuming the powder that fills this cavern works similarly to our gun powder there shouldn't be a big explosion. Gun powder only explodes because it's under pressure. If you just have a big pile of it and light it it will burn away more or less harmlessly. If you shove a bunch of it into a barrel however it will blow up the barrel because the energy released has nowhere to go until enough of it builds up to overcome the strength of the wood. If there was somehow enough pressure in the cavern to cause an explosion it would be near instantaneous and no one would have time to run once the first spark hit the powder. Long story short, they should all have been dead the moment fire hit the ground or there should be no explosion.
  10. TrentJosephDePonteII

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Whats up with the delay with the episodes appearing on the iTunes podcast library the past couple weeks?