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    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    I actually think that Amarth could have lived. I think you guys decided to send Stargoyle down to somehow save him, right? My idea was to use Stargoyle's singularity to reduce his downward velocity to either give Amarth some time to save himself by grabbing on to something or at least reduce his fall damage. Stargoyle seems to have some control over his singularity; like an on-off switch to an omni-directional vacuum cleaner. And since Stargoyle seems to travel distances quickly (considering how quickly he's scouted before), it would stand to reason that he could at least get in range of Amarth and use his singularity to slow his fall. Considering how far away Amarth fell, when Stargoyle would activate his singularity, my guess is that the other's wouldn't have to worry about getting sucked in. Or if it botched, we could at least get to see Amarth get sucked into the singularity and get a glimpse inside Stargoyle. Just a thought. Amarth will be missed, but I'm excited to see who Brian will roll next.