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  1. bengoobers

    Suggestion: Days of Heaven

    Great film and ample room to complain about its imprint on cinematography. TM is also just an interesting filmmaker to talk about in general.
  2. Sufjan Steven Yuen would be a good name for someone.
  3. I got my PG question on the first time I did one but I think it's going to be a peaking early situation for me. This was a very funny episode I nearly crashed my 2009 Honda Accord when Mary made her horny sounds.
  4. Gethard, Shaq e: The Rock
  5. bengoobers

    Engineer Cody warped my child brain

    I feel like everyone forgets Cody was stealing cable from Earwolf and is probably in jail right now.
  6. Mary, Why do you think Scott Aukerman won't let us have t-shirts? Will you ask Lauren to ask him?
  7. Are roadrunners real birds
  8. If anyone ever gets the chance to see the Improvised Shakespeare Company do it. It'll really freak your beans.
  9. Anywhere to listen?
  10. If I remember from the last call-in episode chanson has to go first to get him out of the way
  11. No. If I admit to liking something I open myself up to judgment and am forced to commit to an identity.
  12. I don't think people in the other forums are funny.
  13. Thanks to Sean for asking my question, but I don't like the ScuzzMan even though he said he'd want to hang with me. I think he's junk.
  14. The new Jamie xx song 'Loud Places' is very pretty and good.
  15. Does anyone remember which episode it is where Cody first goes into the wires?