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  1. I only saw this in 2-D and that was more than enough D for me. Molly Ringwald was completely annoying. And somehow it launched her career. She went on quite a run immediately after this movie. Obviously because it was amazing.
  2. ixnay8

    Father's Day (1997)

    Not to be confused with the Troma distributed movie of the same name. Although that one is 100 times more insane than this one, I think it might have too many graphic depictions of people getting their dick chewed off for it to be a good candidate.
  3. Currently on free VOD on Verizon Fios (at least in my area)...absolute must watch!
  4. Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside, spaceships, aliens, cyborgs, incredible acting, makes no sense at all...what more could you want?