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  1. I think they were not naming Lennon's assassin, because that is what he wanted. Beatle fans never name him, to deny him what he wanted.




    good point. and I'm all for not naming Lennon's killer but it was odd that someone referred to Hinkley and no one pointed out that that was wrong


    Then again I'm such a nerd that I was bothered by the fact that Jason said James Taylor was talking about it on Howard Stern but he talked about it with Marc Maron on WTF

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  2. "What about Pan?"





    holy crap. that part would have killed me anyway. but then PFT losing his shit off mic sent me even further off the edge.


    but then everything in this episode was amazing.


    I was surprised that in the moose-goose thing that no one pointed out how Seuss-ian a thing that was. It immediately made me think of the Seuss book (which one?) where he talked about Mooses drinking moose juice and Gooses drinking goose juice and the troubles it causes when a Moose drinks goose juice and/or a Goose drinks moose juice. so very Seuss.

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  3. I've heard some of Pete Holmes' standup and agree that he can be very, very funny although a bit too much over the top for my standup tastes.


    however, I think it's fair to say that that's the only venue in which he should ever perform. "doesn't play well with others"


    on this CBB he was a bull in a china shop. destroying everything in his path. he just doesn't have an ounce of self restraint. and character based, subtle, interactive comedy requires that.


    this episode made me very mad. i'm trying not to HATE Pete Holmes but finding it difficult right now.

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