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  1. Not sure if this is stupid or not but I was super bored and added some music underneath Paul F. Tompkins (as Alan Thicke)'s Parks and Rec alternate theme song. http://andrewfutral....t-really-paul-f this is my first post, i think. Be gentle @ me
  2. AndrewFutral

    I added music to Alan Thicke's Parks and Rec Theme

    go fuck yourself!<3 I used protools, drums were cut up samples from other songs i have produced, horns/strings/harp sounds were EastWest Gold Symphonic library. Rhodes, Guitar, bass and 3 part "ahhh" harmonies were done by me at 3:00AM. Straight up, suck my dick <3 Everyone else, your kind words are beautiful to me and I am so happy everyone seems to like it. Your kindness towards me is like a sea of love flowing through a mountain range of hope in the land of kindness. I want to hold you and feed you sugar water like newborn fawn.