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    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    Looks like Paul "Funyuns" Bunyan is back at it again... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/anthem-singer-aaron-lewis-apologies-for-botched--star-spangled-banner-073846900.html
  2. Quatto

    Episode 251 — The Bed Spoiler

    As the writer of today's Would You Rather, I cannot put into words the emotional rollercoaster that one feels from hearing Hot Saucerman say your name, then immediately broadcast that you've made such a grievous error. I apologize to anyone listening who may have been inconvenienced by my mistake, I apologize to Legal Zoom, Bonobos, or any other sponsors that may have lost revenue due to my shoddy fact checking, and I apologize to The Spin Doctors for disrespecting their legacy. In my hubris, I thought I was Little Mister Can't Be Wrong, but ain't nobody gonna bow no more when I sound my gong.