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  1. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    WTF?!! hahahaha he's climbing the cain cage with a flower HAHAHA
  2. Bad Wizard

    Questions for Sark

    So. im going to make spell charts for the casters. just so i will stop going crazy when they start practicing magics. we can have memorized spell lists for Blackie and Damien. I will try to whip them up this weekend. Hopefully to end my irritation....
  3. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    That sir is a Crazy amount of talent. 20 min!! I salute you good sir!
  4. Bad Wizard

    Episode 55 — 7 Course Dwarf Feast

    Ha Good times
  5. Bad Wizard

    Fan Videos

    Good ol Spirit bear..... 'sniff'
  6. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    The best part is the smiles on everyones faces... Damian's the most classic, the hint of a smile. And the fact his hand is in his pocket..... Ha
  7. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    Seems like a good idea for the charicter loadout thread to get scaned charicter sheets to me. And maybe a few of Sark's weiner shaped maps.
  8. Bad Wizard

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    ok then Heh METAL!
  9. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    Ha Irish Burger King hahahaha
  10. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    Gustaf Great Work man!! Holy Crap!! Good show sir... Good show.. The ships remind me of the Stewart Cowley books. Great Space Battle, Terra Trade Authority, SpaceWreck... such cool pictures. Good work man.
  11. Bad Wizard

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    WHooooo there Mustaine as a Gnome..... common you cant make the best thing to ever come out of metallisuck. a Gnome.... Other than that i agree..... Good To see the man on the silver mountain agin..
  12. Bad Wizard

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    First thing i thought of... "TROGDOOOOOOOR!!!"
  13. Bad Wizard

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    El Ryan... cause paladins are tools.... just my Evil Wizard opinion...
  14. Bad Wizard

    NEW Nerd Poker Dice Bags!

    Well then i may have to invest in one of these magical dice bags of holding then.... But will it old 4 year old chough drops? i always seem to have old chough drops and .45$ in every dice bag ive ever owned....
  15. errr... i dont know.... a setting is helpfull.... i mean i dont want to make an accountant to play in Chuthulu.... and end up in spelljammer....
  16. Bad Wizard


    there you go.
  17. Bad Wizard

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    Really no love For El Ryan and Spirit Bear!!! Amarth and Damien are merely two sides of the same coin.... a coin made of METAL!!!!!!! :::::insert sweet 18 mintue guitar solo from Kerry King::::::
  18. Bad Wizard

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    story of my mage life.... 'yes i was memerizing spells......why wouldnt i?'
  19. Bad Wizard

    HoLY CaStErs!

    Please READ upon casters... WAY off dudes, a caster be them Mage or Cleric, has a number of spells they can cast, of each lvl. Depending on the casters lvl in question. AFTER these are all exhausted, then and only then do they need to study/pray for spells Sark.....Blaine.....really dudes? Brian your cool, great job on your first caster. Shame Shame on the rest of you, read up guys Perhaps a Spell point system would work better for the groups stlye of rolepalying. Caster has ______ # of spell points they get per lvl to use each day, before "study/praying" spells cost ____# spell points to cast. very simple. I have a great 2nd ed spellpoint system already. if anyone wants it please just let me know, ill try to post it on here later/ I had to speed home on the 91 to post this.... I AM outraged as a Wizard.... albeit a Bad one... for the Greatest of all Classes to be treated like this...... tisk tisk gentlemen :::::wags finger::::: ok now im rule guy,..... great........ just great
  20. Bad Wizard

    HoLY CaStErs!

    Bah i think this works even for 2nd. plus clerics can spontaniously change spells for healing/good or inflict/evil
  21. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    DrKrieger What a great handle man good job.
  22. Bad Wizard

    Other RPG's

    Bah Bards worst class ever..... Well in 1rst it was cool... i believe you had to be 5th fighter 5th rouge 5th mage before you could go to bard.... I may be mistaken. Never played pathfinder but i hear good things.
  23. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    A quality burn very nice my friend very nice...