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  1. Footie Pajamas for adults.

    When you want to obscure your partner's sexual characteristics because you are sick of physical intimacy, why not order a pair of matching unisex footie pajamas? Nothing telegraphs to the world that you have ceased to be a sexual being.



  2. Also, I've just noticed something… as we all know, they record two episodes at a time. When Sark puts a cliffhanger at the end of a session (the second show of the night) Brian whines like a baby, but if one falls at the midpoint of a session (end of the first episode of the night), Brian's the first one to shout "let's wrap it" because he loves the idea of a cliffhanger for the audience, so long as he doesn't have to wait, ha.



    A Brilliant point my friend.

    I have not noticed that before, but now that you mention it..

  3. Hey There nice!

    Im mean there no KABC's Amber Lee or Alysha Del Valle.......

    MMmmm go Morning news team in LA on ABC.....mmmm mmm Its the best part of my day.


    Makes night shift worth it. That and going to the Cozy Inn in Santa Monica for beers at 0730.

  4. im pretty sure he was eating them, and a exception was noted in Mildreds case.

    I think his affinity with the floating cloud souls is having something to fly around with and play...... till they get too close.


    I think Stargoyle summed that up Happy.

    Plus if i had a rare South American Parrot id name him 'Parrot'

    of course i do have a dog named 'Dog"


    Twilight 2000 and MechWarrior both fall into my bought but never played file. I can't remember how I got MechWarrior but I do remember never having any enthusiasm for it(Played and enjoyed Battletech though - guess the concept worked for me more as a board game). Twilight 2000 though, I found it on the second hand shelf at a hobby store. I loved that system and most of all the character generation, plotting your guys life block by block until you got to the point when the dice declared war had broken out. I made so many Twilight 2000 characters but I could never interest anyone in playing it. I'd like to look over the rules again actually, it's now even more firmly an alternate history setting but that's kind of cooler even.


    Probably post more here later but those thoughts jumped right into my head so I thought I'd get them down.



    Im the same own both never played'

  6. *Spoiler for Next Show*


    I hope we all learned a lesson here. Ask for more forward progression and a character dies. We have nobody to blame but ourselves here.

    OOOOOO........ I had not thought of that........ ok never mind.

    Hallways are cool

  7. :::::shakes fist::::::


    Argue Argue!!!!

    Rabble Rabble Rabble!!!!!


    And Any person who dose not think nameing the show "Shaft Poker", "Amazing Elevator Adventures" or "My Lift Foot"Corky Kneivel -------__ --

    Corky Kneivel i

    Does not have a sense of humor.


    This is a good show I tell everyone about it, even non-DnD players.

    But 87 Episodes in Hallways..... "Hallways of our lives"


    In ages past i would play DnD or Star Wars for 18 19 hours at a time on weekends. But alas The duties of an Aircraft Mechanic, especially since i am a Crew Cheif now, limit the time i can play since i no longer have Friday/Saturday off, as my gaming group does.

    I have to leave 3/4 thru our saturday games, so i tend to try to be a driver of action and roleplaying.

    Just to try to get as much gaming in as possible. This as not a problem as i startd listening two months ago.

    Before i knew it i had blown thru half the episodes, i then slowed down to stretch it out. The banter was great (and is great). But i do belive im rambling now...


    Yes origonal point.... 87 episodes in hallways is a few too many....... maybe next week they will not be in the tower but on a chase!!!!!


    In DnD, I think that "evil" really just means selfish. Good characters fight for the greater uh...good, Neutral characters strive for balance and evil characters are in it for themselves. Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic describe how you go about achieving your goals. If anyone knows better, feel free to correct me, I only have experience in 4th edition.



    To an extenet i agree with you.

    My Evil Mages are empire builders, since i always play LE.

    When i take over a town, first i find the 'toughs' and make them work for me. No more stealing, raping, murders.

    All crime is punishable by death.

    Also i make sure everyone is fed and safe. But hold no qualms about burning down a quater of the city if it gives me trouble.

    Pay what you owe me in taxes and everythings fine. Dont, i just sell your children to slavers.


    All an all as long as you obey and are a productive member of society, your fine.

    if not..... well the Headsman needs practice.


    Yes i am evil thru actions not intent.


    (plus i activley genocide halflings when i can)

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  9. Traveller is a BLAST! oh how i love it.... if you love back ground info..... Well i hope your not busy for the next four days, cause Traveller will fill it up.


    Ive been messing around with the Savage Worlds system, there is a great fan made cross over for Traveller using their rules.

    (ill post the link when im home im at work now)