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    Episode 189 — The Pancake Man

    Love this episode Werner Hertz is great. When Chris read the Kodiak Cakes box I thought that was just some made up shit. Then I stumbled across the actual flapjacks at Target! And I can't believe it actually says (most of) that on the box! The flapjacks are pretty good too. Dripping oats... Juice.
  2. RichardWorth

    Episode 234 — Changing The Bandage

    The wound is oozing.
  3. RichardWorth

    Episode 57 — A Buttery, Juicy Episode

    By far one of my favorite cbb episodes. Merrill Schindler is hilarious. Glad he returned briefly on the Maria Bamford episode. If cbb or James Adomian comes to Florida I'm there!