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  1. KrangkaDelic

    TURD Reich, more like

    TURD Reich, more like
  2. My disgusting ear-face lends itself to the dark
  3. Upstate? In Sing-Sing? You GOTS to get your gribble on.
  4. robust inadequacies assured place in Fall schedule, Italians blamed
  5. Stop! or my Mom will shoot up for the third Friday in a row
  6. youve changed, Ice Nazi, you've grown...sadder
  7. Im not sure that French Duke is following us, Dad - but you should definately think about where to find some pants before we meet moms lawyer
  8. my mommy said you have to play with me
  9. why do i have to write here too?
  10. KrangkaDelic

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    cbb has spoilt me for a year with the free high levels, i have no grounds to get pissed off when i feel @let down@ by the show, but thats human nature/ as was aukerkrangs reaction. ive felt a wee dip since butter rap, but im an asshole, so... for the record - aukerman is brilliant in that latest tv show with jessica alba, his finest hour thus far - i think anyway. cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb cbb bb
  11. KrangkaDelic

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    don jaly is in godfather 4
  12. KrangkaDelic

    Episode 252 — The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    STOP THE ROTTERMAN! please glue nick kroll, jon daly and huell hauser to the table and be done with the endless cavalcade of talent agent and networks' fancy. and u owe brett gelman an apology
  13. KrangkaDelic

    Episode 251 — The Bed Spoiler

    good to know that your spouse stuck to your hard and fast rule - sometimes they slide off.