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  1. Theres theres theres 111 words in that nda, gotta go to kmart n crush sum puss
  2. The 2 preachers screwed each other nude bruising rude features like crude creatures
  3. unwinding? choose pete seeger, you'll find in time he's neater than hank williams (a wifebeater).
  4. Wine all night they drink to sigh then pine outside to be with child while time combines both hearth and mind ties tides twixt tears in tights on thighs as wide eyed vials they plied in guise guide writhing styles till sleeps surprise oh my! The morn! How shy they rise and fly back home still high to hide inside the life of a Uigher bride. Know this, Uighers: dat ho lie.
  5. Yale cranks in grey spanks with great tanks save failed banks then crave thanks from male ranks of pale yanks in phallanx .
  6. L'il Bowwow's chill powwows still wow crowds who kowtow to lowbrows.
  7. It was you see stuck up his sphincty
  8. Then i went for a drink in westport Lament fo tha passing, yawl.