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  1. Optimistically a risque flea on Themistocles wrinkled wrist sneezed - the freed breeze did indeed lead he who leaps to dream of leaping without cease
  2. they only succeed in telling me that he's not a mellow fellow, Chief.
  3. they're important right? like not the be all and end all of life itself, but they help us through life i think. full queen's english fuck that shit, i an i nah bow t'Chancery shitstem them, and yet comprehensible framing is the cornerstone of communication, no? without such man made analogous structures even the well run web site youre shit posting onto wouldn't function. but hey i get it - why bother - gotcha. #Gotcha
  4. not today Higgins. not today.
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    its just the way it is
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    words fucking fail me

    yet again
  7. when in Jamaica i shake my cloaca with Ashley Shaeffer but when in Aruba I just play the tuba to cougars in scubas with Grand Puba & Cuba Gooding Jnr.
  8. and its kind of a joke fellaz! fellahz>???? btw fellahz follow me on beebo'n'friendster, i write extended blog posts on life, and a lot on trump! i hate that guy!!! i also draw poems and bake philosophy and misread history concurrently with my synched in mobile device. - donate money to me via envelope in hand somewhere below La Tagua, above Campano. i will be the man under the tree. bye guyz!