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  1. A strange film that seems to try to reinvent the "Mr. Ed" franchise with Bobcat Goldthwait and a horse with the uncredited voice of John Candy.


    I think this movie would make an amazing episode (I could hear Jason losing his mind with this one). Plus, there are many weird things they could talk about:


    -Dabney Coleman's glasses and buck teeth.


    -The unneeded use of cartoon sound effects.


    - The fact that this movie was originally intended to be a Joan Rivers vehicle.


    - The fact that one of the screenwriters is named Stephen NEIGHER?


    - Bobcat singing "Tutti Fruitti!"


    - The animal party at the apartment


    - Danny Elfman's great comedic score (Nothing bad about it, but I wanted to give props.)


    I really want an episode for this one. It would be GOLD!