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    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    Thank you thank you. Cel phone flashes do a terrible job at showing brushstrokes and such. The gang's picture are in this episode's page (here) as well. I have a plan in place for Brian's replacement model too. I scared a coworker today laughing aloud at how I have the thing planned because I am a barely functioning model-making psycho. EDIT Changed the link to this show's page.
  2. JeffChaffee

    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    37:06...thanks Bart! I literally had JUST sent Amarth's figure the day he died. Speaking of I have a couple possible new minis in the works for Brian.
  3. JeffChaffee

    Character Drawings

    I painted some Minis for the pre-priest group. They're in LA, all delivered by the mailman to Earwolf's PO box earlier this month and everything! Here's how they look. If Brian and the gang want 'em, just go get your snail mail bros (and Sarah). Http://goawayskips.tumblr.com/post/62477229943/to-be-mailed-on-monday-the-final-class-photo-for top: Amarth, Bart, Blackee bottom: Sir Richard, Mildred, Sark