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  1. When god closes a door he opens a window and satan gets a bingo.
  2. TriTropTwizz! now with more Dragon Boy Suede! What's yer Summah Gum!?
  3. OwenRobertson

    Episode 191 — California Raisin

    What a great episode! Good lord the Mack should be a motivational speaker! This was the total opposite of The Nash Bash! I agree that the Mack should either go on or have his own podcast! He brought the best out Howie and Kulap and this episode stands out as one of the most hilarious energetic and down right dare I say "motivational" I am starting my ten things to do like right now and damn it, it's gunna happen! #1. Was easy... Have a Summah!
  4. OwenRobertson

    Episode 189 — Wide Fondly Brush

    Dawn of the Planet of the Gu's!
  5. OwenRobertson

    Episode 189 — Wide Fondly Brush

    Imagine Dragon Boy Suede! way better!
  6. OwenRobertson

    Episode 188 — Summah Donkey

    Kulapsicles! oh my the product synergy!
  7. OwenRobertson

    Episode 186 — Showin' Arm

    Thanks for the reply, I agree that part of the Fun of the whole show is Howard and Kulap's opening up to each other and vicariously to us. Thank for for extending the Dialog! I really feel that this episode was good I just felt for Howie but I do agree that the "argument" during the episode was coming from a place of appreciation and good intentions. Also it is so good to have the Dynamic Back having the Wonder Twins reunited! People where being way to mean to Armon! Thanks again for your reply!
  8. OwenRobertson

    Episode 186 — Showin' Arm

    Have to add that I found this episode stressful. I felt that Howard got berated and he kept his cool. He showed up late but came in positive and ready to go! Howard's energy and Kulap's vibrance are what make this my favorite podcast! The guest was fine but Howard doesn't need to vine to be successful he just got off a great comedy tour and continues to pump out creative albums that are inventive and fresh. I wish I could move to Cali and help Kulap log and edit her doc and do promo and art for Howard's new DBS TLC Drop! Have a Summah has been helping get through another Iowa summer, which are usually humid hot and unpleasant! But Howard's positive energy and excitement has reminded me that Summah is about more that Sun and Heat. I realized that when it was a break from school it felt like it meant more, but why? I think that having a Summah is about letting go of what holds you back and follow the dreams that you can only have when you free yourself from mental burdens and do what you love. Thank you Howard and Kulap for transcending your medium and really giving people more! -Owen
  9. OwenRobertson

    Episode 186 — Showin' Arm

    Howard's Night Beach Adventures! Howard you choose your own adventure! You go to page 97 to explore the beach at night and...
  10. OwenRobertson

    Episode 185.5 — 6/20/14 TWO CHARTED 124

    Let's tell our grand kids about this!
  11. Hello Earwolves, I have enjoyed your transition to the new studio. Howard Kremer did a fun remote walk through! But it is the improved bathroom talk that really floats my boat. The Scott's of U talkin' U2 to me!? have taught me about letting it mellow and it has been a great ride. That said.. no window! Bummer time. So be expecting in the mail a gift of a fake window decal to help brighten up the new digs! I am concerned that this may effect the Comedy Bing Bong weather report for it may fool Scott into thinking these are the actual present conditions. I apologize to Scott and the listeners that depend on CBB for your weekly weather report!
  12. OwenRobertson

    New Studio, better bathrooms but no windows.

    I hope that the Earwolf crew got the fake window decal to brighten there day, it's says it was delivered. Because you know what Earwolf... you deliver!
  13. OwenRobertson

    Episode 181 — His Beautiful Fabrics

    PFT better known as the Big Guns!
  14. OwenRobertson

    What's your Summah Gum? TriTopTwiz for We-We!

    Excellent Choice! It's so Fruity Fresh!
  15. OwenRobertson

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    I agree Armen is no Howard but quit trolling him. I missed Ku-Ku but it was because she was doing something important and wonderful in her life. We-We is doing the same is Touring it up and being Summah to the people. Don't be a hater just enjoy this great Free show that I personally look forward to every week! Ps. please go listen to Armen Bartman/God is dead mashup. It is really only made for fans of this show and for Who Charted!? My second favorite podcast... Sorry Ku Scotty 2 Hotty has got me under his comedy spell.
  16. OwenRobertson

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    That was my favorite part as well. So much so I mixed Amen's LOVE for Bart Simpson with the craziness of that movie.
  17. OwenRobertson

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    The First Trilogy of Spiderman was pretty terrible as confirmed by HDTGM episode #41 featuring the lovely Kulap Vilaysack. The new movies needed to happen so fast to fix the shit stain that was spiderman 3. Toby and Topher.. Eeesh Erase it from my memory with better movies! Emma Stone please charm the Mary Jane Musical Numbers from my mind!! WHY!!! oh yeah the new ones have spiderman in them! BONUS!
  18. OwenRobertson

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    This one's for you Armen https://soundcloud.com/owen-robertson-1/for-real-ep-180-armen-karfed
  19. OwenRobertson

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    Armen you really Karfed the $hit out this one! Do the Bartman! Get your Karf on!
  20. I binged it a bit found nothing of worth. Kasabian "star" Tom Meighan was paraphrased to say "he hated touring with the lovely lads from Dublin" he then proceeded to call U2 fans "cardboard cut-outs". Thats not catchy at all damn it! Love 'em or hate 'em we can do better. I believe that this being the definitive and comprehensive compendium of every U2 this would be the place to ask or at least determine this once and for all! Could it be the classic Earwolf sponsor Bonobos? Synergy Baby! BonoBros? ULikeU22 I open the floor to submissions...
  21. OwenRobertson

    Episode 179.5 — 5/9/14 TWO CHARTED 118

    Armon, it's all cool.
  22. OwenRobertson

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Bad Guys generally are known for there Bolo Neckties. But you guys brought it back to the side of good!
  23. OwenRobertson

    Summah Swimming: Ocean vs Pool vs Lake

    Had to vote other because I live by the Mississippi! and it is gross!
  24. OwenRobertson

    What's your Summah Gum? TriTopTwiz for We-We!

    I think I have decide on Trident Layers Graplemo! Grape Lemonade!
  25. OwenRobertson

    Snitches get Lilo & Stitches.

    Britches get Stitches!