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  1. Al's French Fry's

    Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

    Man! It was on TNT last night, and I caught the last part of the movie from the motorcycle chase to the end. I remember living this when I was 19, but looking back at it now . . . I think people listened to way too much Limp Biskit back then. Definitely worth a watch. Tom Cruise really loves his long hair . .
  2. Al's French Fry's

    The Phantom (1996)

    "Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool dude"
  3. Al's French Fry's

    Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

    I thought it was Kate and Leapold (sp?) that defined him as a force to be reckond with?
  4. Al's French Fry's

    Drop Dead Fred (1991)

    Hate to rain on the parade, but I think it falls in the "Toys" realm. I would shoot myself after hearing Mantzoukinfanalksis say "fucking bonkers" about a hundred times. Would maybe hear an episode on Biodome . . .