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  1. I wanted to share with you all my experience with Kazan. I was pretty young when this came out and somehow in my childnind Kazan and Steel were somehow connected. For some reason I mistook Kazan for "Shazam", as in what Billy Batson yells to turn into Captain Marvell. I And somehow in my childmind I thought this was setting up some weird Captain Marvel movie and that Steel was some sort of descendent of counterpart of Steel. I don't know. But Until now I always thought Kazan was a really good failed prequel to a Cap Marvel movie and remember laughing at the bath scene. Also I get the kid confused with the kid from Kid in King Author's court. And even as I listen to this podcast I still can't fully process how wrong I was.

  2. Gonna point out latin name is only applicable to species and is kind of hard to gather for animals created in non-latin countries(or conquored countries)

    Dogs are Cannis Lupus Familiaris


    The Ridgeback is a name that many are rejecting because the ridges on the back, a reversal of the fur along the spine may indicate spinal bifida and keeping it as a breed standard borders on being cruel. Anyway the names in various languages in the area of Zimbabwe almost all vaguely translate to Lion Dog. For example Shumba imbwa is Shona.

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  3. I thought I'd just say I remember being a little kid, and my older brother had all these movies on vhs and I remember being horribly facsinated but incredibly terrified of all the creatures. Specifically I remember being truly afraid of Tokka and Rahzar, the turtle and wolf.


    But mostly I remember being completely confused about every story element of this film. I think this may have been my earliest memory of being so utterly confused by a movie that my actual visual memories are like a fever dream and vision quest. I was feeling lost in a way a child should never experience

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  4. So did Scott just miss LL and TM's early attempts to point toward their dad as the killer, or was he consciously not following them down that route? He's usually pretty sharp about seizing on stuff like that within the improv, so it was weird.

    It was 100% intentional. He picked up on it and directed them towards it but then changed his mind and so did they. Half way through the episode it just went wonderfully nutso

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  5. My older brother pointed this out that Nicolas Cage's hair was in a mullet specifically for the potential Cage lead Tim Burton directed Superman movie. It was supposed to be based on the Superman black era, during which bad decisions lead Superman to have the do, but it never got off the ground. After it was canceled Cage must have decided the style gave enough party in the back for him to keep the mullet.

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  6. I'd like to think Harris is probably chllin out, eating ice creams, listening to Phish, and laying in his own foam corner. I was a big fan of Harris' work without realizing most of the time and he was an incredibly talented person who always made me laugh. He was so successful despite his own struggles, or perhaps because of, and he proved that a person could still be down to earth with success.


    Sorry for everyone's loss, and I hope you take comfort in the fact that maybe just maybe....Harris can suck his own dick in heaven. I think that's what we all want in the end.

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  7. Harris was amazingly funny, and what he accomplished speaks to his amazing talent. I did not have the fortune to know him, but he always seemed so very down to Earth and I admired that about him. It just really sucks that someone with such a great talent to make people laugh is gone.


    To his co-workers, friends, and family I send my regards.

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  8. I can't remember where I read this. But I've heard that the movie was edited and some scenes redone to play up the romance aspect of the film because Ben and Jen's relationship was all over the place at the time and the studio wanted to capitalize on it


    Honestly Daredevil wasn't as awful as people said. Ben Affleck was good in it as was honestly everyone else. The problem was the story was crammed full of too many things that were just...kinda notelaborated on or nonsensical. Like the entire character of Electra...


    The film is just kinda mediocre, but it's better than the Fantastic Four movie. The FF movie was basically comprised of every annoying aspect of each character.