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  1. thisalisa

    Episode 75 — A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    Houg needs his own animated show ASAP.
  2. thisalisa

    Questions for Sark

    I just want to call baby Sark a Sarklet.
  3. thisalisa

    Questions for Sark

    In honor of Sarah, did the gang miss out on some epic treasure? I'm gonna miss you Sark! <3
  4. thisalisa

    New to NERD poker

    Yes. What they said. I kind of wish I could binge listen to them all over again like they were new. It's hard to wait each week for a new episode.
  5. thisalisa

    Episode 69 — The Stakeout

    No, don't say that! I will always hope that Patton with make time to drop in for an episode or two.
  6. thisalisa

    Nerd Pokerish

    How about Brian Blaine and Patton on @midnight tonight with Chris Hardwick? I fan-girled so much!
  7. thisalisa

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    Nothing makes me dry heave more than listening to people dry heave. Thanks for an interesting morning at work! This is my most favorite podcast of all time.
  8. thisalisa

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

  9. thisalisa

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    I never ever thought I could be put off fondue. This episode could have done that. Good, filthy fun!
  10. thisalisa

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    Or Ratt?
  11. thisalisa

    The Eulogy Thread

    What ever will Mildred do without Trondor's affections?
  12. thisalisa

    Character Drawings

    This thread wins the internet.
  13. thisalisa

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    Mmmm warm, gooey cheese and warm, tepid beer. I don't know about everyone else, but this episode flew by. It seemed like only 30 minutes.
  14. thisalisa

    Episode 49 — Battle Bot

    If you haven't listened to Walking the Room #174 where Brian cohosts with Dave Anthony, do yourself a favor and do. They're great together.
  15. thisalisa

    Character Drawings

    For Brian (and Dave)