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    Raising Donation Money

    Not sure about how to go about this, but I'm trying something new to raise some donation money for this podcast. I've donated to a couple other Earwolf shows in the past, (CBB & Nerd Poker) but unfortunately I'm not financial able to make another donation to this awesome podcast right now. However, I did have an idea of how I can raise some money using my own self published book. I'm willing to donate 50% of my profits to HDTGM from sales to their listeners from now until the end of the year. The book is not relate to the podcast, but is simply just a silly book full of over 800 of my absurd musings. It'd be a good, cheap idea for a fun Xmas gift and I've been told it's a good bathroom read, so couple it with a pack of flushable wipes and you have a great gift for that co-worker who always spends too much time in there. I'm unaware of the logistics of this, so I don't know what'll happen to this post, but all it'll take on my end is to have people add a note at checkout ("HDTGM" is enough) so I know that the sale is for this donation and also the trust of a whole bunch of strangers in my honesty. If this does make it out there, then please visit my website at http://www.sustenanceforconsideration.com/ There are samples of stuff from the book on the sustenai tab, so if you like those then you should like the book.
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    LOL! Elegant. But what about Mantzoukas? Maybe he could kneel down behind her for a potential shove. Plus, why not fill your whole day and go see a movie or something?
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    I think you guys underestimate your popularity. People wonโ€™t want to get too outlandish due to your ability to veto their entries. Mine would be to have you read my book, (should only take a few hours) give honest criticism and suggestions on what to do with it, go to a taping of CBB where Iโ€™m the guest and my book talked about favorably, (contrary to the actual criticism) then go to dinner and hang out for the rest of the 24 hours where you try your best to teach me how to be funny.
  4. Possible 'wishes' to be granted by Scott and Jason for a $100/ticket raffle for charity.