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  1. Trenchfoot

    Character Drawings

    He said burrito, not Burritotm
  2. Trenchfoot

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    This episode puts the Death-of-Santa reminiscing in a whole new perspective. I always imagined it in a cartoonish, Futurama, kind of way but I'm gonna guess it was much darker than that now.
  3. Trenchfoot

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    I have to think this would be acceptable in the Character Drawings thread. This is gorgeous.
  4. Trenchfoot

    Character Drawings

    I love that you finished the Ironman look of the Sir with the clasp for his cape. And that clover buckle, so good.
  5. Trenchfoot

    Episode 284 — Unnecessary Subtitling?

    My wife has recently been on a "19 kids and counting" kick and they subtitle the younger children occasionally. I'm sure Duck Dynasty and Jersey Shore get subtitles pretty often as well.
  6. Trenchfoot

    Episode 280 — Unexpected Acupuncturist?

    So I'm listening to the podcasts in reverse order and I get to hear you excusing this lady with, "She's well meaning" minutes after hearing you and your guest point out that this statement is the worst hindrance to understanding the wrongness of racists. As to the non-racism subject matter, acupuncture, as you said, is utter garbage. You don't have to be from an "oriental" origin to rip people off with your nonsense either.
  7. Trenchfoot

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    I imagined the scene from Dumb and Dumber with the second pair of gloves. Bartho should have something similar to, "Yeah, It's the Rockies" to say to Damien when the multiple layers come up.
  8. Trenchfoot

    Episode 0 — How Did This Get Made?!

    I take issue with how you present yourself in this minisode. Yes, that's right, I'm that much of a prick, I went all the way back to day one to evaluate you. Getting to my point, you present yourself as the champion of bad movies. There is no championing. Someone needs to stand for the little guy. Even when the little guy is a universally despised loaf of turds. Sort of enjoying the podcast, thanks.
  9. Trenchfoot

    The Juror (1996)

    I seriously considered leaving the theater, which I have never done. I'm exceedingly forgiving and hopeful when I sit in those seats and will always wait for the pay off. I don't remember anything about the movie but my sadness at seeing something with so little reward. I really only have an emotional memory of this film so I don't want to critique any more than that.
  10. Trenchfoot

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Disclaimer - I have always loved this movie; I have not watched it in more than a decade. I'm totally okay with TOYS being called a kids movie. It may be a bit abstract for most kids but that doesn't seem to be the reasoning for the critical response at the beginning of the episode. What I heard was that the sex was not age appropriate. It seems reasonable that the 'sex scenes' are more age appropriate than any realistic deaths or explicit violence. I can safely assume that most people are introduced to sex in real life before they are introduced to death or bloody violence. I also think the monologue is core to the movie's concepts of betrayal/acceptance of the individual contrasted with betrayal of/commitment to tradition. I'm a new listener so I'll give it more time but I enjoy the show as often as I don't. How's that for a backhanded compliment?
  11. Trenchfoot

    Character Drawings

    May the light of Bathmat guide you