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  1. Oh hey y'all, sorry that Sean and Hayes have been so quiet today. We have kind of just been bro-ing out today and bonding with Sean's new pet turkey, Gob Goblin'. I hope that you all have a day as great as mine! ...you probably won't though.
  2. That seemed like a pretty crazy show to have some 9 year-olds and a 2 year-old at. I am sure that the Barbados scene will scar them all in the future.
  3. Hey Veeb, yes, I eat vegetables for real. It may take me a while to get to your house though; I'm getting my jet detailed and I loaned my helicopter out to Barack for the holidays (the heli is actually a timeshare). Regarding Milo & Otis...too scary.
  4. hugLife

    Feeling corny

    Hello folks! I don't know about you, but I am feeling pretty corny right now...
  5. I didn't post that under the name Bill Russel Crowe to throw you off of my trail.
  6. hugLife

    Episode 132 β€” Teaching

    Fellow teacher here. I thought that everything that Andy said was spot-on from his thoughts on being engaging to the annoyances from standardized tests. Unfortunately, I am tempted to start smoking with my students now, because "Teach'" seems like a far more effective, and frankly, cool way of reaching the students who rather draw detailed poops on their quizzes.
  7. This was a good group this week (obviously). I think that the scenes had a lot of momentum and everyone played off of each other really well. I think that Mike Still and Adam McKay should come back again and maybe through another girl in the room for some more characters. This was my favorite episode so far
  8. hugLife

    Episode 12 β€” Millennial Panic!

    This podcast makes me think of the war-economy of the novel 1984. They had to create the illusion of an endless war to keep people working and producing, but there was no need for that production and the government would destroy the surplus (much like how we throw out half of our food). This topic is something that should be expanded on. It sounds very anti-capitalistic, but I would love to only have to work 3 days of the week. Even if that meant that I got paid less. I rather have more time than money and I wish that there were more options to live that life other than being a hipster.
  9. Hey Veeb, I stopped playing Mario after I saw the breath-taking portrayal of that character on the silver screen. Yes, I must honestly say that Mario began and ended for me with two words 1. Bob 2. Hodgkins But, I am celebrating a tofurky, because I too am a vegetabletarian. I don't have a cat either, but there is literally no way to come up with a better name than John Garfield, so I won't bother insulting the forum anything less than the best.
  10. It was probably because of how fast it was pulled out of the popcorn gallery. The first question was a regular reach in, the second was from the very bottom of the bag, and the last one was apparently right off the top. Damien, or "Day-Fay" as he is known to close friends (me), likes things delivered with style. That is what went wrong.
  11. To be honest, I think that Sean and Hayes kind of set you up for failure on that one. They were obviously stunned by Damien Fahey's A-List presence, and actually let him set the terms of hearing that question. The buzz on the street is that he only eats calzones anyway.
  12. Freja, what are you going to legally change your name to so someone actually answers your question next time?
  13. Why is each episode shorter and shorter? Is next week going to be 27 minutes? ...Are 20 extra minutes part of next week's pro-version?
  14. That is your first mistake right there Chanson, if you learned anything from Sean and Hayes, it is that food is for weak people because only fatties like food. If you stopped looking like you needed food, you could be in that ivory podcasting tower too.
  15. I thought that it was hilarious to imagine Joe Black as a wandering mentally handicapped guy who Anthony Hopkins just believed was death. That type of plot twist is not awesome because of the mental handicap, but that it shows how willing people are (especially movie characters) to believe and construct a persona for characters that they have just met.
  16. hugLife

    Episode 67 β€” Happy Thanksgivingkkah

    You ladies have a much larger demographic than gay and/or Jewish people. I also think that you should do question episodes more often!
  17. hugLife

    Episode 257 β€” Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    I love how the ghost of Richard Harrow introduces himself with verbal representations of creepy things! "Boo...black cat on a fence."
  18. Damien, do you ever wish that "Thomas" was your middle name rather than "Richard" so that you could have cooler initials?
  19. Call me a selfish, but why are all of the episodes about L.A.? There are obviously bigger cities across the U.S. with some major players. Think about it for 1 second, how clichΓ© is the Hollywood scene? You probably needed about 5 second to think about an answer, but that is only because of HOW clichΓ© it actually is. So now that you completely agree with my first point, you are probably thinking, "Ok, so what place should they talk about once in a while, NYC?" My response is a stoic, yet passionate "hell no." I want an episode about the booming metropolis known as Norfolk, Virginia. I don't know if you have been keeping your ears to the ground guys, but Norfolk is the future of the "in-crowd." Sean and Hayes can enjoy their beautiful sunset that is the dwindling importance of L.A., but I will be the one carrying the flame in a few years time. I will call my podcast something original this time around.... I am thinking about Norfolk Notebook.
  20. How much did you have to donate to the show to get the pro-version? Is $2,000 a month sufficient? I don't think that I could afford much more right now.