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  1. They are going old school RSS style and not having a guest this week. They realized that their guests were only dragging them down, so they are focus more on training whichever engineer is in the studio that day.
  2. hugLife

    Study Group in South Florida

    If you want to have a study group in the forum, I will totally participate from not south florida.
  3. If only someone would have told Jacko that this was NOT the way into stand-up....
  4. I only want to go to Forks, where they shot Twilight. That is the only place worth seeing out there.
  5. like it is so big that he can never prevent people from stepping on it by accident?
  6. Much to Chanson's dismay, I am actually more vegan than vegetarian. I still eat eggs from my farmer's market, but that is it. I knew that Veebz was down as well, but I too, didn't know that you were a vegetabletarian too. Also, not ok with you picking up so many shifts at Sears that you have neglected to meet your weekly posting quota. You should still consider joining some of us on Google+ so we can pretend that we will all video chat sometime soon!
  7. I feel like they perform the best when they know people will be seeing them. I guess it adds a bit more pressure to be funny, and it works well.
  8. I didn't know that vegans/vegetarians didn't have the chops to hold it down in here. Well, as a bald-american and vegetable eater, I won't cower because I am too chicken to steak my clam in this forum. Don't start getting fishy on me Chanson, because I'm not afraid to start flexing some mussel. I have crabs.
  9. Isn't "Marshall Art" the name of the new Eminem/Garfunkel mashup album?
  10. Damn yo, you really emptied the clip on ol' Kevy Polack. I don't know why you went at him so hard, but bravo nonetheless. Even though I had the same reaction when I read the post, the comments on that clip definitely did not make my afternoon happier. Either way, Thelonious's new nickname should be Supa Hot Fire.
  11. hugLife

    Guest suggestions

  12. Sean's 1/8 native american side only permits him to ease his pain with a mixture of rose oil, ginger syrup, and willow bark prepared with a mortar and pestle.
  13. I like that one solitary episode where it seemed like they only focused on Chanson.
  14. That was a rapid turnaround from your last post
  15. hugLife

    Episode 34 — Small Stuff

    I think that having a guest in the mix allows for way more funny interactions. This episode had a nice pace to it
  16. Exactly correct ...imagine those on a human. Horrifyingly funny.
  17. Abnormally tiny teeth. Think about it for a moment.
  18. This episode was perfect in every way... even without a popcorn gallery.
  19. hugLife

    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    Your name suits you well, so kudos to your for being so honest and upfront about yourself. As far as your comments go, I won't be offended by your ignorance since you have never used a dictionary before. They have them on the internet these days if you don't have one of your own.
  20. I just had to post this because I thought it was funny. I could be the only one who laughs at this, but I felt compelled to put it in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e223LyMN8gk
  21. Mr. Corduroy, wikipedia says that you worked as a menu hander-outter for a Mexican restaurant before you hit the big time. What is your favorite Mexican dish? Answer in Spanish if possible.
  22. I really feel like this is Greggy's turf, but I will give it a shot: 1. Home for the Holidaze: A hardworking man (Jimmy) is forced to let his pot-smoking brother move into his studio apartment and teach him that climbing the corporate ladder isn't the only way to get high in life. 2. Swept Away: A janitor (Jimmy) and his family win the lottery and move from their small Iowa town to L.A.. Jimmy wants to take his shot to be on the silver screen but may be sweeping up more problems than his broom can handle. 3. M.S.13+1: El Salvadorian gang leader, Himmy, feels like he is on top of the world after his successful drive-by on rival gang Calle 8. When Himmy hears the cries of a Calle 8 baby that was hidden in the bushes, he knows that being a daddy was his destino. With this new addition to the M.S. family, Himmy will realize what seemed as easy as pi really equals a lot of love in the end. I know that this needs more typos in it for the authentic Greggy vibe, but hey...
  23. He had a scheduling conflict, so they are working on getting Chevy Chase instead
  24. hugLife

    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    Your sense of humor is pretty bizarre. Maybe you are playing a character who thinks that prejudice=racism, and that because "racism against whites is not a thing" that means that black people cannot have any prejudices, but it is missing the mark. I am glad that you have taken a 101 African American studies class at your university, but taking the angle of black culture being destroyed by white culture is only perpetuating the social climate that Spike was so upset about. A far more positive position would just to make the place nicer for anyone and everyone, not just anger that white people came in and the place got nicer. Welcome to 2014, people with money are going to buy into the neighborhoods that they like...the country's history was founded in people wanting land and forcing people out. So, maybe Spike is against the American way, the American dream, and the very essence of the red, white, and blue. He basically said that he wanted the Jewish ghettos of Nazi Germany to be his "home" in Brooklyn, and that he would assault anybody for cleaning up his garbage-laden streets. I think that my character is beating your character.