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  1. I am not trying to be "that guy" but it's weird that the comprehensive and exhaustive podcast of all things U2 just barely touches on the spiritual/Christian imagery in their songs. I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on this, but there's a lot of stuff going on with Achtung Baby and here... Like "All Because of You" that's pretty worth noting- the double-meaning of "I AM". It was interesting hearing about how Scott got into U2 through the youth group or whatever. At least pick on it or something- just bring it up!
  2. KevinAndrewVĂ„gen

    Episode 8 — How Do You Get Podcasts?

    I thought this podcast was about these guys, at first:
  3. KevinAndrewVĂ„gen

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    Agreed. Most times musicians are liabilities on here. I'm impressed that she's got the chops to be on a comedy podcast. Ms. Mann, for example is a fine personality- but she's really only ever the straight man. Neko seems like someone you'd laugh with while drinking beers sitting around a fire with a crappy acoustic guitar. Except, of course, that she is a girl and we all know females are flammable- hence why they are known as Flammable Non-Extinguishable males
  4. KevinAndrewVĂ„gen

    Episode 254 — LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    Is it just me or does Jack Fitzgerald sound similar to Martin Short?