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  1. Hey that's a classical quote Ya see what I've done there is very witty. I'm thinking possibly 4 likes
  2. I hate to ask but are the tears flowing fast and furious
  3. I've been reading this forum for awhile and I'm really starting to suspect half of the people on here are just other accounts of Chanson, there's no other way a single man could gain so much power and prestige. Or Maybe everyone on here is Chanson except me. Or maybe I've been Chanson all along and this is a some sort of existential test for myself. Man I've given myself a lot to think about .
  4. I listen to this show with upwards of 3 juvenile cats and I found hayes weird obsession with inappropriate human cat relationships created a very awkward listening environment. Obviously Hayes has my upmost respect but I wish he would keep it PG -13 so the cats and I could have a more comfortable listening experience and not have to have " That talk " after the episode. But wow oh wow that Mary what a stand up dame.
  5. Mary, my mum's name is Mary how has this influenced your comedy? I hope to god I didn't ask this to late Edit I asked this way to late, I need to learn to devote more of my life to this forum.
  6. Hey this is my first post to the forum I was hoping to slide in as a token australian and impress you all with amazing australian lingo but I saw someone else on the last week's episode post a shot of a train from my city in Australia. Now my plan is to impress you all with my knowledge of the octopus. Did you know that there are three plural of octopus, octopuses,octopi and octopodes. PS the episode was funny and smart but when they brought up groot dying I was worried, I'm glad that it had a happy ending.
  7. This whole episode was great, just another one in a podcast thats been consistently funny and always getting better. I really like the effort and genuine attempt by Matt Besser to make this the best podcast he can, I reckon you can really feel that vibe in each episode thats put out and it makes it so much more enjoyable. keep up the good work.