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  1. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Thank you friend! Far too kind:) I'm celebrating xmas with my folks north of the arctic circle so the concept of bearded dudes in snow storms spoke to me. Semi-related; totally called it about the drunken fighting!
  2. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Who goes there!? The dwarven wolf-scout party emerges. higher res http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7378/11393633475_b394311fc1_o.jpg This adventure just took a turn for the awesome! I can't think of a single story that couldn't be improved by adding more badass dwarves. Strap yourselves in folks. I see some serious drinking and fighting in this podcasts future:)
  3. LukasThelin

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    Who goes there!? The dwarven wolf scout party emerges. hires http://farm8.staticf...394311fc1_o.jpg Glad to be able to contribute to a current episode for once. I have a feeling the next one will be epic. Looking forward to try out my new 'vomit' brush in photoshop:)
  4. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Great and funny:) He's pouring one out for his homies:)
  5. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Hahaha! A Herculean task, worthy of the Gods of the Internet. Where was this when I needed it a few weeks ago? But seriously, you should post this in the other forums. Sometimes it seems like even our dear players don't know what gear they have. I can't remember if Mildred has ever even used her new hammer. Didn't she use a greatsword against the 'Battle Bot'? Anyway, great job, you crazy s.o.b:)
  6. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Yup. It's always been D&D in a nutshell to me, and the main reason I love rpgs still.
  7. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Thanks buddy:) As McRib pointed out. He kinda has an angry Irish burger king thing going. The grim as shit campaign juxtaposed with the great goofy playing style of the gang allows for a myriad of possible interpretations:)
  8. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Thanks buddy:) Its Mildred's Bahamut energy shield/accessory rail. I don't know why it ended up on her right arm, but you know Mildred. She's gangsta like that:)
  9. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Hires: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3824/11232213165_74959a4e74_o.jpg Kinda rough episode this week. Kudos to all of you who managed to draw inspiration from it anyway. Great art everyone:) Until next time; here's a heartwarming moment of friendship from the previous episode.
  10. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Look at young Sherlock Holmes over here:) It wasn't really on purpose, but I was totally thinking the same thing when I was finished; an Irish Burger King Iron Man:D
  11. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Awesome! It's a treat to see more environmentals in this forum (which I think should be called 'fan art' or something, but whatever:)
  12. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    I love it:) The hat really tied it all together. Priests of Judas do it from behind!
  13. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    Thanks buddy. Glad you like it:) On an unrelated note; sorry for messing up the reply posts everybody. I should've guessed deleting the old pic from the image hosting site would kill all the thumbnails, but I botched my internet check.
  14. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    >Katapraktoi I like your take on Mildred man=) She's got the psychotic rictus of a strung out middle school teacher the second before she snaps and starts swinging=)
  15. LukasThelin

    Character Drawings

    BROTHERS IN ARMS, ENEMIES IN FAITH! Hires: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5509/11068226083_fd3c0b25c0_o.jpg Now that they've finally arrived in this Glinishmore that Gerry's always raving about, I wanted to finally show Sir Richard and his best frenemy some love before they're all captured by Yetis and sacrificed to the Wicker Man=) new lineup hires: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7425/11068225653_23bb5ff3ec_o.jpg