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    Charlie's Angels

    I think that's the opening scene. Drew Barrymore has her hands tied around the back of the chair and yet somehow manages to run/walk/jump/fly in order to beat up like, 50 guys.
  2. HalJordan

    Charlie's Angels

    Demi Moore also jumps off a building and basically flies with the aid of a tiny cape. Truly great.
  3. HalJordan

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    I've watched Hobgoblins probably 10,000 times by now. IT'S THE 80S....DO A LOT OF COKE AND VOTE FOR RONALD REAGAN...
  4. HalJordan

    The Juror (1996)

    Oh man I remember a super annoying Joseph Gordon Levitt in this movie and also Demi Moore as a terrible, terrible artist.
  5. HalJordan

    Charlie's Angels

    I think this should be done with Charlie's Angels 2 following immediately afterwards. The gang could spend an entire podcast dissecting Demi Moore's performance alone.
  6. HalJordan

    Captain Ron (1992)

    Kurt Russell and Martin Short on a motherfucking yacht. I dunno what else I have to say.