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  1. Someone alerted me that back in the day I somehow I missed all the Lukas/Gustaf stuff in this thread. If you haven't seen it all, I highly recommend going through this whole damn thing. This thread hurts my brain it's so good.


    Thanks Dan!


    I wanna do some stuff for the new campaign. I just... haven't.

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  2. Great goddam episode. This keeps getting better with an additional evil character.


    I humbly offer my services of drawing fantasy bullshit for the podcast if that could help get mr Vin on board for some charity dungeon dick tracing. Or for a charity ep in general. I'm ashamed to say I haven't contributed to the fan art thread in months.

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  3. I'm gonna stick to envoronments and scenes for the most part. Maybe if some props show up. But I really enjoy seeing others do the characters. But it's gonna be fun interpreting this new universe.

  4. For such a shitty DM, Sark was one hell of a good one. So inspiring, as any of us from the fan art thread can attest. Sad to see you go, Sark, but in the end you just raised the bar for Blaine! Thanks for all the work you put into making this fucking marvel of a podcast.

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  5. Thanks DubipR!


    Gustaf, what brushes do you use? Are those custom?


    Some, and some are default. I try not to get down in fx brushes when I don't have to. With simpler tools it's easier to connect to your fundamentals I think, which is really important! So apart from the steam from the ship this is just basic brushes.

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  6. this is my first attempt at any fan art, I'm a pretty terrible drawer, but i got a spark of inspiration after today's amazing episode


    hopefully someone else can better render our new rat party, preferably covered in cheese



    I fully endorse this. Fo real, man. I dig it a lot!


    And Wool Fox-Pike - your drawing is fantastic, man. Love the old school graphic novel look.